A New iPod Touch Might Be Launched By Apple This Year

Earlier Apple had its iPod, which was one of its most successful and famous devices. The last device of this range as of now, the iPod Touch was released back in 2019. Now, it has come up that Apple will be launching a new iPod Touch device which will have a design similar to the iPhone. According to a report from MacRumors, a contributor has said that the company will be releasing a new iPod Touch this year and it will have a design similar to an iPhone 12 like the squared edges and various color options. The report also says that the iPod Touch will be having a single back camera.

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Back In Time: iPod Touch Intro By Steve Jobs – A Testament To How Far Apple Has Come

Apple reported stunning quarterly results on July 30th, 20′ which shot the stock price up by 10%. There is no doubt that the company that Steve Jobs started in his garage has today changed the world. The most incredible highlight of the revenue report was that now “Services” which is recurring revenue for the company accounts for a large portion of Apple’s revenues. Read More

Apple Launches New iPod Touch At $229

newipodApple launched a low priced iPod Touch version, the fifth since the unit’s debut back in 2007. This follows the trend of the rumored launch a cheaper version of the iPhone to be launched this year. The fifth generation low priced iPod Touch was launched with little fanfare through Apple’s online store yesterday and should be available through Apple retailers by today. The launch of the new low priced iPod Touch also came with the declaration by Apple that they have reached a milestone of 100 million iPod touch units sold since its launch back in 2007. iPod Touch also had five versions since then with the low priced version being the latest. Read More

Apple Reaches Milestone Of 100 Million iPod Touch Units Sold

ipod touchApple declared yesterday that it has sold 100 million iPod touch units since the device’s launch back in 2007. The iPod Touch is a version of the iPod that is more or less like the iPhone without the “phone” part, in short no calling abilities. The iPod touch has a 4-inch screen, and uses Apple’s A5 processor chip amongst various other remarkable features. Many consider it to be an iPhone, without the phone. Read More

Apple Plans to Launch Internet Radio Service Dubbed “iRadio”

Apple Radio
Negotiations between Apple and major record labels Universal Music Group and Warner Music are crawling at a slow pace according to a report by Cnet. Apple is doing this in preparation for their rumored music streaming service that speculators dub as iRadio. Sources say that the company is aiming for a summer launch despite the fact that even if the deal with Universal and Warner falls through, they would still need to negotiate with Sony Music. Read More

Aaron Sorkin Reveals Details on Steve Jobs Movie

Aaron Sorkin, the screenwriter for the upcoming Steve Jobs movie today revealed some details about the movie. The Steve Jobs biopic will have only three scenes. These three scenes will be half an hour each and will all take place before a product launch. The first product launch being the Mac, the second one being the “NeXT” and the third one being the “iPod”. Read More

New iPhone Will Include A 19-Pin Connector – Confirmed

19-pin apple iphone connectorApple’s new iPhone will bid farewell to the standard 30-pin connector that the company currently uses for iPods, iPhones and iPads and will instead sport a new 19-pin connector on the bottom. Techcrunch along with MobileFun have confirmed this rumor and mention that the 19-pin connector already exists but the form factor and actual size is still unknown. This would mean that all current iPhone accessories including dock connectors and charges would instantly become useless and the entire Apple accessory market will be shaken. Read More