A New iPod Touch Might Be Launched By Apple This Year

Earlier Apple had its iPod, which was one of its most successful and famous devices. The last device of this range as of now, the iPod Touch was released back in 2019. Now, it has come up that Apple will be launching a new iPod Touch device which will have a design similar to the iPhone. According to a report from MacRumors, a contributor has said that the company will be releasing a new iPod Touch this year and it will have a design similar to an iPhone 12 like the squared edges and various color options. The report also says that the iPod Touch will be having a single back camera.

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Apple Launches New 16GB iPod Touch

ipod touch

Apple has launched a new iPod touch today on its online stores. The new 16GB iPod touch is identical to 32GB and 64GB models and has a rear iSight camera as well.  The entry level 16GB fifth-gen iPod is priced at $199 and is available in six different colours. However, the $9 loop accessory which is not a pre-requisite is not bundled with the iPod; it can be purchased separately. Nevertheless, the features available on the 16GB model are the same as on the 32GB and 64GB models. Read More

Apple Launches New iPod Touch At $229

newipodApple launched a low priced iPod Touch version, the fifth since the unit’s debut back in 2007. This follows the trend of the rumored launch a cheaper version of the iPhone to be launched this year. The fifth generation low priced iPod Touch was launched with little fanfare through Apple’s online store yesterday and should be available through Apple retailers by today. The launch of the new low priced iPod Touch also came with the declaration by Apple that they have reached a milestone of 100 million iPod touch units sold since its launch back in 2007. iPod Touch also had five versions since then with the low priced version being the latest. Read More

Apple Reaches Milestone Of 100 Million iPod Touch Units Sold

ipod touchApple declared yesterday that it has sold 100 million iPod touch units since the device’s launch back in 2007. The iPod Touch is a version of the iPod that is more or less like the iPhone without the “phone” part, in short no calling abilities. The iPod touch has a 4-inch screen, and uses Apple’s A5 processor chip amongst various other remarkable features. Many consider it to be an iPhone, without the phone. Read More

iOS 6 Untethered Jailbreak Coming Tomorrow

Untethered iOS 6 JailbreakIt is now confirmed that the untethered iOS 6 jailbreak will be coming tomorrow. The Evad3rs have officially announced (via Twitter) that the iOS 6 untethered jailbreak will be released Feb. 4, 2013. Their website now confirms that 91% of the development and testing has been performed and by tomorrow, the jailbreak should be ready to hit iOS devices globally. Read MoreReviewsCollect Ad

The New iPod Touch Does Not Include An Ambient Light Sensor, Here’s Why

The all new larger screen iPod touches don’t include an ambient light sensor for automatic adjusting of the screen brightness. In an email sent to the read of iDownloadBlog, Phil Schiller (Apple VP of Worldwide Marketing) explains that a light sensor cannot be accommodated in the device because it is extremely thin. There appears to be just no space for it. Read More

Match 3D Figures in Monster Cube for iOS, Featuring Stunning Graphics (REVIEW)

Monster Cube is a relatively new game to join the ‘Games’ category in Apple’s App Store community. This application is unique, versatile and has been well developed. In Monster Cube, you have to match three blocks of the same type to allow them to disappear and you gain a few points. Like any of the other games of this genre, Monster Cube also has a time limit to get you going and increase the anticipation. However, despite all of these similarities this application differs from some of the other ‘match three’ games as it uses your iOS device’s outstanding graphical performance to output a 3D version ‘match three’ game by which you are to match three 3D blocks up in order for them to disappear. In addition to this whilst you are playing you can move the 3D block around to give you more choices if you get stuck. There are achievement prizes if you live up to the challenge of completing more than one cube the in the rather restricted time given. Read More

Cartoon Defense: Space Wars for iOS Will Require Your Strategic Thinking

Cartoon Defense: Space Wars is an application with a stunning graphical interface in which the developer has put a lot of effort. This, regularly updated application, resides under the ‘Games’ category – however this isn’t one of those ‘pick up and play’  games. It is one of those that requires strategic thinking for a longer period of time. You are given a scenario upon the launch of this application after being greeted with a tutorial. The basic synopsis of this game is that there is a supposed peaceful planet called “Cartoon” and a peace and loving tribe called “White” who are residents on this interesting planet. Another tribe eventually comes along called “Gray” (a color which represents darker morals) who orders “White” to hand over planet “Cartoon”. After a heated discussion and irrational words from both sides “Gray” decide that they are to be notorious and attach the planet “Cartoon” in a bid to gain power of it and kick the “White” tribe off it. From this small synopsis you might be able to get a good flavor of what this game is like and whether it would suit your style. Read More