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Apple Offering Retail Employees A Chance To Test OS X Photos App

OS X Photos

There’s good news for Apple retail employees who are enthusiastic about photography. Apple is looking for employees from its own retail stores who have a passion for photography to test the upcoming OS X Photos application and iCloud Photos feature. Apple recently reached out to its retail employees offering a “career experience”. Read More

Adobe Promotes Lightroom And Creative Cloud As Apple Ends Aperture


Post Apple’s announcement of ending the development of iPhoto and Aperture, its photo editing Apps at Professional levels for Mac, Adobe released a statement in their blog. Adobe is promoting its Creative Cloud photography plan and Lightroom App to users who are using Aperture or iPhoto. The blog reads: Read More

Apple Ends The Development of Aperture


During WWDC 2014, Apple executives talked about the new Photos App that they’d be launching for OS X. According to The Loop, Apple will soon discontinue further development on its professional photography App, Aperture. The Loop published its communication with Apple regarding this: Read More

iPhoto Gets Over 1M Downloads, Brings in $5M

iphotoAs Jim Dalrymple [The Loop] reports, Apple’s latest App, iPhoto, an extremely sophisticated photo editing App for iOS which is a part of the iLife mobile suite has achieved over one million users in just 10 days. Astonishing. For clarification, Apple said that these are 1,000,000 individual users, not multiple downloads on different devices by a user. Since there have been 1,000,000 purchases, and the App costs $4.99, Apple has roughly made $5 Million off one app in just 10 days. Wow! Read More

Apple Seeds OS X Lion 10.7.2, iCloud Beta 9 and iPhoto Beta 3 to Developers

mac os x updateApple has just released a new version of OS X Lion 10.7.2, an update to iCloud for Mac beta 9 and an update to iPhoto beta 3 to developers. The downloads are available via the Apple’s Developer website. The iCloud update for Lion integrates the various iCloud for web feature with the Lion App, and provide better syncing capabilities. Read More