The Dual Speakers On iPhone XS And XS Max Are Facing Audio Bugs

We have been looking at a lot of issues that have been plaguing the recently launched iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. They may be minor issues but it is definitely not going down well with the users. Whether it is the charging problem where the phone won’t charge without the screen turned on or the selfie camera that has an issue with the HDR beauty feature, it is creating a havoc in the iPhone XS community. Read More

The Camera On The iPhone XS Max Fares Well In Low Light

Apple has done a lot of hard work on the cameras on the new flagship devices and it certainly is packing a punch with the advanced features and exceptional picture quality. A recent photoshoot by a Los Angeles photographer named Derrick Freske on his iPhone XS Max revealed interesting facts on the camera’s performance in low light settings. Read More

iPhone XS Max Gets The New WhatsApp Update

WhatsApp has rolled out the new update which finally brings the support for the iPhone XS Max with a completely new user interface for notification and a new way to play audio messages. The best thing about the update is that WhatsApp will now fit into the huge 6.5 inch screen on the Apple’s flagship smartphone. This is really cool as it will enhance the user’s experience on the popular messaging platform. Read More

iPhone XS Max Is Faster Than Google Pixel 3 XL, Shows Speed Test By PhoneBuff

Since the Google Pixel 3 XL device is now out after a long wait, it may come as a bit of a disappointment to the Pixel fans that the phone is slower than the iPhone XS Max. This has been proved in the latest speed test by YouTuber PhoneBuff. He put these two devices to test where the Pixel phone finished the tasks a minute slower than the Apple’s premium smartphone. Read More

IPhone XS Users Are Not Happy With Charging Issues

It is not even a month since the launch of the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max and users have been complaining about a lot of issues on the internet. The latest one is the charging problem that these users have been reportedly facing since the last few days. People are claiming that their iPhones are not charging automatically once plugged into the charger and it needs some form of physical input to initiate the charging. Read More

Top 5 Games For iPhone XS And iPhone XS Max

Now that the new iPhones are here and if you already own the iPhone XS or iPhone XS Max, chances are that you must be itching to try a few games on the large and blistering screen that Apple has developed for its loyal fans. The search for your favourite titles ends here as we have got you covered with some of the best games that you can try immediately and feel the rush of gaming in your blood. Here’s our list for the top 5 games for the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. Read More

Snapchat Users Are Having a Rough Time With iPhone XS Max’s Camera

Snapchateers have been complaining on Twitter about the camera on the iPhone XS Max to be of very low quality. The frustration came from the users of both iOS and Android devices, who said the performance of the new iPhone was below average. This comes after Apple introduced the camera on the new iPhones at the recently concluded launch event. Read More

iPhone XS And iPhone XS Max Is Now Available In India

Apple will be selling the newly launched iPhones in India from today. The sale will go live at 6pm on all offline and online retail stores. The company will be offering the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max to their Indian customers, and reports claim that Apple has imported around one lakh units for both models to make sure that the launch proceeds smoothly. Read More