Apple to Stop Replacing iPhone X when Users Break Face ID

Pictured, three iphone devices demonstrating unlocking of the phone using face id.
Image Source: Apple Support

Until now, Apple had to replace the entire iPhone when users would break Face ID. The tech giant had no way of independently repairing the TrueDepth camera, even though Face ID iPhones were first introduced in 2017. In February of this year, Apple finally figured out how to repair it without needing to replace the entire device. However, until now, the Cupertino company excluded the iPhone X from this new policy. This may have been because Apple was tweaking the TrueDepth camera on the newer models starting from the iPhone XS/XR. This may have made the iPhone X harder to repair due to the way it was integrated. Now, however, such repairs on the iPhone X devices are finally possible.

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Bids Reach $100,100 for “World’s First USB-C iPhone”

An iPhone X model, modified by a student by the name of Ken Pillonel to include a USB Type-C port, is listed on the the e-commerce website eBay as “world’s first USB C iPhone”, and is currently up for auction. The inclusion of the USB C port allows the modified devi e to support charging along with data transfer. As of late, the highest bid for the modified device stood at $100,100, with 173 bids in total. The last date for bidding is on November 11. Pillion also uploaded a video on YouTube documenting the entire process, from the conception to building the customized internal PCB.

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Apple Is Giving Free Replacement For Faulty iPhone Smart Battery Cases

Apple will be providing free replacement for iPhone smart battery cases as many users have been complaining about charging issues for this device. The company wants the replacement to be as smooth as possible and it will be doing it free of charge for each iPhone user who is using this case. Read More

The iPhone XS Battery Case Is Compatible With iPhone X

Seems like iPhone X users will also benefit from the recently launched battery cases for iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR. New tests done by a Twitter user named @reneritchie, who is also the editor in chief of iMore, shows that the iPhone XS battery case works with iPhone X inspite of Apple officially claiming that iPhone X is incompatible with the case. Read More

iPhone X Is Back In Production After Poor Sales Of iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max

Apple has resumed the production of iPhone X, which did better sales last year compared to the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. The new line-up of iPhones haven’t been doing well in the smartphone market and people are not willing to buy them as much as the iPhone X. The company has decided to start producing the original iPhone X once again and hope for a better revenue in the coming months. Read More

Apple’s iPhone Tops The Global Smartphone Revenue for Q4 2017

iPhone XNew reports are saying that iPhone was accounted for more than half of the global smartphone revenue in the last quarter of 2017. The launch of the iPhone X in the same quarter helped Apple gain these sales figures.

Strategy Analytics Executive Director Neil Marston said “Apple iPhone’s average selling price is approaching $800 and almost three times higher than the overall industry average. Apple iPhone is an incredible money-making machine.” The revenue is seven times higher than it’s competition Samsung and and seven times more than Huawei. Read More

iPhone X Is Apparently Encountering Massive Technical Issues

iPhone X might be currently the most popular and expensive smartphone in the market, but if you thought the ‘popular’ tag will make it function 100% perfect then you are absolutely mistaken. Recent reports on the news and around social media have been claiming big issues on iPhone X and every other iPhone X user is reporting problems, making the scenario very complicated and the fans are surely fuming.

The biggest problem being reported is ‘Call Freezing’ where users are not able to answer as well as hang up calls. The screen becomes blank and gives no response during calls. And the users can’t attend the calls without screen waking up, making it a major issue across the iPhone userbase. I think this problem is with sensors where the phone display doesn’t come back on when moving the iPhone X away from the ear, and software related where the red hangup button needs to more responsive. Read More

Cold Weather Is Making iPhone X Screen Unresponsive

iPhone X users in India couldn’t figure as to what happened suddenly to their phone’s screen recently, and this reportedly came from users residing in cold weather areas. The screen became unresponsive and the users were in shock. Apple took notice of this incident and said that a new update is probably coming soon which will fix this issue. Read MoreReviewsCollect Ad