Best Betting Apps for iPhone in 2019

“There’s an app for that” is not a figurative statement.

Nowadays, it seems like there is literally an app for everything. But the best sportsbooks have been at the app game for a while; they are not newcomers to the mobile market.

Now that sports betting is becoming legal in various states across the US, it is more important than ever that sportsbooks have clean, user-friendly betting apps. Here are a few of the best (in no particular order) and why we like them. Read More

iPhone Apps Are Being Recorded Privately Without User Knowledge

Lot of popular iPhone Apps including big travel companies are tracking user data on a daily basis without leaving a hint of it for the users. If you happen to use on of these iPhone Apps and browse on it and enter your private credentials like credit card, it is a serious risk and threat on your security as every detail is being monitored and stored by these companies. Read More

Several iPhone Apps Are Infected With Goldluck Malware

Malware has been a worry among developers of Android games in the past and now it has also started affecting iOS Apps and specifically games. A malware by the name of “Goldluck” has been creating a havoc for a lot of Apps, where hackers are reported to steal data and make use of it to earn money in the name of the user. The risk that this malware possesses is very high and it could end up leading to corrupt your iPhones. Read More