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Apple Launches iPhone 5C 8GB Variant In India

iPhone 5C 8GBLast fall Apple introduced two new iPhones: iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C, both with 16GB and 32GB variants. Later, in March 2014, Apple introduced iPhone 5C 8GB model to boost sales in five non-US markets: UK, France, Germany, Australia, and China. Next month, as rumored, Apple plans to launch the 8GB iPhone 5C variant in India too. Read More

Virgin Mobile Knocks A Further 10% Off Price Of iPhone 5S and 5C

Virgin Mobile has just knocked 10% off the list price of the iPhone 5S, and iPhone 5C. This offer, however, is exclusive to their online store, and only valid in the United States. Read More

Apple Launches iPhone 5S and 5C in 35 New Countries, 16 More Next Week


With the global demand for the iPhone 5s getting higher, Apple is now offering the iPhone 5s and 5c on its online stores in 35 new countries, which include Spain, Italy, And South Korea: Read More

Pre-orders for iPhone 5C Start On September 13th

iphone5sApple today announced iPhone 5C, and you can pre-order these devices starting from 13th September. Orders will begin shipping from September 20th and Apple stores will start featuring the device from September 20th from 8:00AM. Get in line if you need one. Read More