Sparrow Will Soon Get iPhone 5 Support

SparrowSparrow, the uber popular mail client for iOS and Mac which recently got acquired by Google will soon get iPhone 5 support, according to the developer. Although after the acquisition, the founder of Sparrow mentioned that the App won’t be updated much, but for users who have already paid for the App, they will receive the special, larger screen iPhone treatment. Read More

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Developers – Apple Now Requires You To Submit iPhone 5 Screenshots

iPhone 5With the iOS 6, the App Store sports a brand new look. Along with the new look, the iPhone 5 also features a larger screen. So as developers of amazing applications, you are now required to submit iPhone 5 based screenshots to the App Store which will be optimized with the iPhone 5’s 4 inch screen. If an App does not support the iPhone 5, the App will be centered with the top and bottom parts being black (letterboxed). Read More

Mophie for iPhone 5 in the Making

We love Mophie. If you haven’t yet been exposed to the awesomeness of Mophie, Mophie is a small case cum charger for your iPhone. Just flip a switch and the case will automatically double your iPhone battery life. The product is absolutely amazing and works very well. We now await the launch of Mophie for the iPhone 5 and as Mophie announced on their blog, the team is working on a version for iPhone 5. Read More

Samsung’s All New Anti-Apple Ad – “It Doesn’t Take A Genius”

Samsung is now playing it smart. Not exactly sure, how smart it is, but sure. They will be releasing a paper ad tomorrow on all major publications that will say “It Doesn’t Take A Genius”. The ad will compare the iPhone 5 with the Samsung Galaxy S III in terms of all features and design. The ad also says that “The Next Big Thing Is Already Here”. Read More