Third Party Chargers Can Potentially Damage iPhones


A high sale of Apple phones is giving business to companies that are manufacturing accessories related to the phone. Some of these companies manufacture accessories that do not comply with the product specifications but perform the basic task. Recently a repair firm mendmyi reported an issue where it suspected unofficial USB adapters and USB-to-Lightning cables being the main reasons for iPhone 5’s battery issue. They witnessed quite a number of phones with battery problems recently. Read More

Apple Releases iOS 6.1.4 for iPhone 5

iOS 6.1.4

Since the release of iOS 6.1 back in January, the leading mobile operating system has so far accumulated four updates with the latest one being iOS 6.1.4. The new update just includes an “updated audio profile for speakerphone” and is just available for iPhone 5 users. What this update does is still unclear, but it’s all good, so go ahead and download it. Read More

iPhone 5 Is The Second Most Searched Term of 2012

iPhone 5 is the second most searched term for 2012. Leaving behind the iPad, Samsung Galaxy SIII and even Kim Kardashian in the dust, the iPhone 5 emerged as the most second searched term in 2012. Yahoo recently released their reports which proved that the iPhone 5 was the second most searched term in 2012 while “elections” was the most searched term in 2012. Read More

iPhone 5 Production Rates Fall

Bloomberg reports that the production rate of the fastest selling iPhone yet has slowed down as Apple has increased quality control at Foxconn. At the moment, it is extremely hard to buy an iPhone 5 with new unlocked versions starting at $1,000 on eBay and other sites. Some customers who got the iPhone 5 noticed that the device was damaged and some found the device to be extremely prone to scratches. Read More

Netflix Updated for iPhone 5

Netflix has been updated for the iPhone 5 with support for the larger screen. On a larger screen, videos now look even better than before. Netflix subscribers can now view all their videos on their iPhone 5 while enjoying the large 4 inch screen display. Just go to the App Store, tap the “Updates” tab and update Netflix now. Still waiting for YouTube to be updated.

iPhone 5 Passes Regulatory in China

The iPhone 5 has passed the mandatory regulatory certification in China which now makes it ready to be sold in the country where the demand for the product is extremely high. As noted by Sina Tech, two iPhones received the China Compulsory Certificate approval on Monday. The iPhone 5 is rumored to go on sale in the country by the end of this year. Read More

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