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iPhone 4S (Steve Phone) Still Popular Among Buyers

iphone4sLaunched in 2011, Apple’s iPhone 4S is still a preferred option by buyers. iPhone 4S accounts for 25 percent of all iPhones sold by the company in the last quarter. Apple revealed that 85 percent of the iPhone 4S buyers in the last quarter were first time iPhone users, so in all legacy iPhone 4S helped in acquisition of around 10 million new users to the Apple platform as calculated by Analyst Charlie Wolf of Needham & Company since Apple never shares the breakdown of sales. The latest launch, iPhone 5S accounted for 71 percent i.e. 31.02 million units while the iPhone 5C only 4 percent i.e. 1.75 million units of total iPhone sales for the last quarter. Read More

Two New iPhone 4S TV Ads Spotted

Two new TV Ads for the iPhone 4S along with Siri have been spotted, but this time, one ad features Samuel L. Jackson and the other one, Zooey Deschanel. In both the 30-second commercials, the actors are found playing with Siri as they ask her questions related to hotel, weather and reminders which Siri responds instantaneously. Read More

New iCloud Ad Released – “iCloud Harmony”

Apple has released a new TV Ad promoting iCloud titled “iCloud Harmony”. Embedded above. Don’t know why this one does not seem quite as attractive as other Apple ads. Looks like a rushed commercial. Read More

Apple Releases Two New iPhone 4S Siri Ads [VIDEO]

Apple have released two incredible new ads demonstrating the capability of Siri on the new iPhone 4S. One has been embedded above. For the other one, just hit the “Read More” button. Read More

iPhone 4S Online Sales Now Available in China

A few days ago, we told you about how Apple smartly implemented a tracking reservation system for iPhone 4S in China to prevent large purchases from scalpers who sell the device at a much higher price. Apple also stopped the sale of the device via its online store because of the huge demand. Read More

Apple Prevents Scalpers With A New Reservation System for iPhone 4S

Apple Store BeijingYou may have read past articles about the problems that have been caused with the launch of iPhone 4S in China. As you can see from the picture of the Beijing Apple Store, there are many people waiting in anticipation – which is normal for the release of a new Apple product. However amongst this crowd, there are many “scalpers”, who go in as a customer and buy an iPhone and then sell them to people further back in the queue or online. And as you can probably predict Apple is trying to prevent this. Read More

iPhone 4S Now “In Stock”

instockApple’s iPhone 4S has now finally been marked as “In Stock” on the store website. Since its release day, the iPhone has been “most-wanted” all across the globe and the huge demand made the supply short. Now after these many days, it is “In Stock”. It may not be in stock in all countries, but it is definitely available in the US, UK, Australia and Canada. Read More

How Phones In Countries Are Emulating the iPhone. This One is Really Cheap

MicroMax, a phone company in India has got down to a level that is just unbearable. The company recently launched a campaign which attempts to emulate the iPhone 4S and even the branding has been done in a way that is really cheap. What do you think?

Video of Untethered Jailbreak on iPhone 4S

We have all been waiting for a while for a jailbreak solution for Apple’s latest iPhone 4S. The jailbreak “dream team” recently made it clear that a solution has been found and will be released to the public in the next few days (very soon). @pod2g today uploaded a video on YouTube making the anticipated jailbreak even more desired. Read More

iPhone 4S Sales Cancelled in Beijing, Users Throw Eggs

Swarms of people have been vandalising Apple stores in China after Apple suspended sales of the 4S. Customers who waited overnight in below minus 9 temperatures after Apple’s main China store, located in Beijing’s Sanlitun had not opened their doors. Apple was to open doors at 7:00 am but come 7:15 am, those waiting in line started chanting “liars!” and “open the doors”. Read More