Unexpected Design Changes Causes Apple to Cut BOE iPhone 13 Orders

According to reports, after exploring the display had made design changes to its OLED panels tech giant Apple has cut out orders placed with Chinese display manufacturer BOE from the iPhone 13 supply chain. Apple’s ability to produce iPhone 13 devices will not be affected by this decision, as the Cupertino company also works with several other screen producers, such as Samsung and LG.

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Apple Has a Spectacularly Strong March Quarter

Cupertino-based company Apple has announced the financial results for the fiscal 2022 second quarter that ended on 26th March 2022. At $97.3 billion, the tech giant posted record revenue for the March quarter. This is a nine percent year-over-year growth in the metric. Apple’s quarterly earnings per diluted share were declared at $1.52. Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, said in a release that Apple had set an all-time revenue record for Services. Additionally, Apple set the March quarter revenue records for iPhone, Mac, and the category of Wearables, Home, and Accessories. 

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Apple Now Offers Self Service Repair to US iPhone Users

After announcing the news about Self Service Repair in November 2021, Apple has now officially opened the service to U.S. residents. Those who own the iPhone 12, iPhone 13, and third-gen iPhone SE devices will now be able to purchase spare parts and tools. They can follow instruction manuals that guide them through the process of fixing common issues with these devices. This move comes as a follow-up to Apple’s 2019 move to open up iPhone repair services by third-party establishments.

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With iPhone 13 in Lineup, iPhone Production in India Grows by 50%

According to new market intelligence data, in the first quarter of 2022, iPhone production in India grew by 50% year-on-year. Despite average selling prices increasing due to the sale of more premium models, there has also been growth in sales within India. Initially, Apple had limited the “Made in India” iPhones to older models. However, earlier this month, the tech giant confirmed that the iPhone 13 has joined the lineup of locally produced devices.

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120Hz Animation Available for iPhone 13 Pro, Pro Max Apps with iOS 15.4

iPhone 13 in red, white, black, blue, and rose gold. Apple is introducing 120Hz Animation for all iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max apps.

The latest series of flagship smartphone devices that Apple has released, is the iPhone 13 series. Both the iPhone 13 Pro as well as the iPhone 13 Pro Max comes equipped with 120Hz ProMotion displays. However, only a handful of apps on these devices can support 120 frames per second. However, a new report now claims that the iOS 15.4 beta will support 120Hz animation for all applications.

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Best Selling Phone for 2021 Holiday Quarter is Apple’s iPhone

iPhone 13. iPhones are the best selling phone for 2021.

According to latest reports, over a fifth of every smartphone device sold in the fourth quarter of 2021 globally was an iPhone. However, issues such as the rampant covid-19 difficulties and supply chain shortages have affected all manufacturers. Of all devices, 22% of these sale happens globally. The Cupertino company has overtaken Samsung to become the most popular vendor in the world, exceeding 20% share. As of now, from research firm Canalys states that it was primarily demand for the iPhone 13 device that Apple to the top after several quarters in second place.

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Toddler Resistant iPhone 13 Advertised by Apple

toddler resistant iPhone 13 in rose gold

Apple has been releasing new advertisements for the iPhone 13 smartphone. One of the latest advertisements emphasizes on the playfulness and durability of the iPhone devices in an endearing manner. The advert starts with a toddler picking up her mother’s iPhone device. She then proceeds to run around the house with the smartphone. The iPhone device bumps against various surfaces. It even falls into a sink full of dirty dishes and water, before ultimately falling against a block of Legos, only to emerge completely unscathed.

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Pink iPhone 13 Display Issue Caused by a Software Bug

iPhone 13, Rose Gold. Pink iPhone 13 Display Screen.

Users of the iPhone 13 series of devices have been struggling with a new software bug. This software bug causes pink iPhone 13 display screen in some devices. The display screen of these devices display a pink overlay on the screens before crashing. Users have been discussing and reporting this issue several times on Apple’s Discussions Forums and on Reddit.

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