Apple Now Offers Self Service Repair to US iPhone Users

After announcing the news about Self Service Repair in November 2021, Apple has now officially opened the service to U.S. residents. Those who own the iPhone 12, iPhone 13, and third-gen iPhone SE devices will now be able to purchase spare parts and tools. They can follow instruction manuals that guide them through the process of fixing common issues with these devices. This move comes as a follow-up to Apple’s 2019 move to open up iPhone repair services by third-party establishments.

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Toddler Resistant iPhone 13 Advertised by Apple

toddler resistant iPhone 13 in rose gold

Apple has been releasing new advertisements for the iPhone 13 smartphone. One of the latest advertisements emphasizes on the playfulness and durability of the iPhone devices in an endearing manner. The advert starts with a toddler picking up her mother’s iPhone device. She then proceeds to run around the house with the smartphone. The iPhone device bumps against various surfaces. It even falls into a sink full of dirty dishes and water, before ultimately falling against a block of Legos, only to emerge completely unscathed.

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In-Car Hands-free System Bluetooth Connectivity Issues Reported for iPhone 12 and iPhone 13

Several iPhone users using iOS 15.1 have been facing connectivity issues while using Bluetooth hands-free systems in their vehicles. According to a thread containing user reports on the Apple Update forum, this issue is primarily being faced by users of iPhone 12 and iPhone 13. A few potential resolutions have been suggested, but as of now, there appears to be no long term permanent fix.

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Apple Introduces Self Service Repair Program

In an unprecedented move, Apple, on Wednesday, announced its decision to make spare parts and tools available for sale to the public so they can repair certain Mac computers and iPhone devices themselves. Apple’s Self Service Repair Program comes following years of pushback from customers and consumer groups, which has already forced Apple to allow greater access to it’s own parts and repair manuals.

Apple also initiated a program in 2019 which allows third party repair shops to purchase its parts, manuals, and tools. According to Apple, as of now 2,800 independent repair shops have been inducted into the program along with 5,000 of Apple’s own authorized repair outlets.

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Amazon Offers Huge Discount To Apple Products During Amazon Apple Days

Amazon is all set with its Apple Days sale. This sale brings a huge variety of deals on Apple products. Apart from huge discounts on Apple devices, this sale also provides cashback and exchange bonuses for the ones purchasing Apple products. Among all these, there is one deal that has already become a huge hit.

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Apple iPhone 12 Mini Might Not Be Available Anymore

One thing that we have all known is that the iPhone 12 Mini didn’t go well with the users as compared to the other iPhones released last year. Now as per a report from TrendForce, it has come up that Apple is not producing the iPhone 12 Mini anymore and it looks like this is the end for the phone. However, the website still features the phone and once the present stock runs out it won’t restock it.

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Top 5 Car Simulation Games For iPhone 12

Games are fun for all of us. The new iPhone 12 with its powerful A14 bionic chip provides for a seamless gaming experience. Racing games have always been a top priority for many users. And with the amazing display and super-fast processor, the users get a gaming experience like never before. Here we have listed the top 5 car simulation games which when played on the iPhone 12 will give the users experiences like never before.

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