Apple To Launch iPad With OLED Screen Next Year

The latest rumors about the upcoming iPads are out. These rumors come from The Elec. As per their report, Apple is thinking of launching a 10.8-inch OLED iPad that will probably be called the iPad Air. It will be launched next year as per the report. The report also says that an 11-inch and12.9-inch OLED iPad will also be manufactured but these will probably be kept for the 2023 release. If we consider the screen sizes it looks like those will be the iPad Pro models.

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Apple Might Make iPads With Larger Screen Size

The Apple iPads come in two screen size variants- the 11-inch and the 12.9-inch. But there is a problem with this. Users who are totally into Apple products do not have an option if they want a larger screen size. The demand for a bigger screen size can be for anything starting from educational purposes to practicing artworks. Now from a report, it has come up that Apple might be working on new screen sizes.

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Top 5 iPad Apps For Pilots

It is unlikely that Aviation technology will be able to take place of the experiences and expertise of human pilots in the near future. Nevertheless, navigation and data logging apps are unquestionably making lives easier for them. There are numerous apps that are helpful for pilots, from flight training and weather briefings to calculators and games. Some of the apps worth considering for any pilot’s iPad are listed below. Read More

Is The New iPad Pro With Trackpad Moving Towards Becoming A MacBook?

Apple’s Senior Vice President for Software Engineering, Craig Federighi just presented the new iPad Pro 2020 trackpad and keyboard functionality which brings up the question – isn’t the new iPad Pro just becoming another MacBook with very little differentiation between the two product lines?

Craig demonstrates the brilliant new functionality of Magic Keyboard that comes with a built in trackpad for the iPad Pro. It allows users to get a complete MacBook like trackpad experience on an iPad. Apple has built in complete cursor support for the iPad which flows seamlessly. Read More

These Are The New Leaked iPad Pros

From Apple China, we have the leaked versions of four new iPad Pros. On Apple’s China website, they accidentally posted a new user manual that discloses Apple’s plan to release 4 new iPad Pro models. The new iPad Pros will feature the all-new camera lens design that we see as part of the latest iPhones along with a very powerful chip and new improved antenna technology. Read More

Apple Marks The 10 Year Anniversary Of The iPad

Apple celebrates its 10 year milestone ever since the launch of the original iPad. At the time of its launch, the iPad was deemed to be a controversial product due to the various concerns about its enormous size. However, users have grown through its abnormalities over the years and currently the iPad is on pace to replace traditional desktops as well. Read More