Next-Gen iPads Go Into Mass Production


According to a report by Bloomberg, Apple has started the production of next-gen iPads. Bloomberg, which got the report from “people with knowledge of the matter”,  says that Apple’s suppliers have started the manufacturing of “iPad Air 2” and “Retina iPad mini 2″. Both iPad Air 2 and Retina iPad mini 2 are expected to be launched by the end of this year. Read More

Apple Preparing For Retina iPad Mini


Apple is preparing to release an iPad mini with retina display. The 7.9 inch tablet will feature a retina display which would be produced by Samsung, LG and Sharp. The Wall Street Journal today published a post citing sources that “Apple’s suppliers are gearing up for mass production of a new iPad mini in the fourth quarter that will likely feature a high-resolution screen from Samsung”. Read More

Apple’s “Why You’ll Love An iPad” Page

loveipadAfter the “Why You’ll Love an iPhone” page, now boasts a brand new “Why You’ll Love an iPad” page promoting the iPad and the iPad mini under the tagline – “iPad and iPad mini. They’re two of no other kind.” The page offers a number of reasons why someone would love an iPad including the highest customer satisfaction ranking by J.D. Power and Associates, the large number of Apps on the App Store specifically tailored for the iPad, the long battery life, Apple’s incredible support, it’s design and more. Read More

Want More Than 2 iPad Minis At Once? You Can Now Do That

ipadminiAre you interested in purchasing more than 2 iPad minis at once? Starting from today, the Apple online store will allow users to purchase more than 2 iPad minis at once. The maximum number allowed is 999 and it would cost you $328,671 to get those many iPad minis. While you surely don’t want to get that many (or probably you do), you can now at-least get more than two from the Apple online store which is good news. Read More