iPad Apps hit the App Store

The App Store now has iPad Apps too. Many of the Apps are now optimized for both the iPad and iPhone, which means that they would work on both the iPhone and the iPad. Some get a completely new design whereas the rest would be usable by the zoom in feature the iPad has. Many of the Apps you own would probably get an update which would include no fixes, no new features but just they would be optimized for the iPad and would have a whole new look on the iPad. The iTunes Store has now sections for screen-shots – iPhone and iPad.

The iPhone section would show you the screenshots of the app on the iPhone while the iPad section would show you the screenshot of the app on the iPad. Those apps compatible with the iPhone and the iPad would bear a signature underneath the icon which would say ” This app is designed for both iPhone and iPad ” . After downloading the update when you get to the Apps bar in iTunes it would have two sections – iPod touch, iPhone and iPad apps and iPhone and iPod touch apps. Some apps which would be iPad specific like iBooks would be categorized under a new section named iPad apps.

Download your favorite Apps and save time on Saturday.

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