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Comex Says “It’s Almost Ready”, Not Sure What

tweetjailbreakComex, the genius jailbreaker has sent a reply to @whyike saying “Its almost ready”. We are unsure what is “almost ready” but it appears that a jailbreak solution for the iPad 2 is ready to be released. Although the jailbreakers are an incredible and extremely talented group, it is taking them time to release a jailbreaking solution for the iPad 2. Read More

Evernote’s Smart Peek Uses Smart Cover to Power App

smart peekThe most amazing thing about the iPad 2 is the Smart Cover. Smart Cover auto aligns magnetically to the iPad 2, and wakes the iPad 2 when opened, and puts iPad 2 to sleep when closed. Evernote has announced a new App that use the power of the Smart Cover. Smart Peek from Evernote helps you remember things in a much more fun filled way. Read More

iPad 2 Coming to Russia, Ukraine, and Brazil on May 27

2ipad2The hottest tablet in the market – iPad 2 will be arriving at Russia, Ukraine, and Brazil on May 27. The iPad 2 will be available from Re:Store, MediaMarkt, Beliy Veter Cifrovoi, ION, Technosila, and Eldorado in Russia, with prices ranging from 18,990 rubles (roughly $668) for the 16GB Wi-Fi only model to 30,990 rubles (~$1,090) for the 64GB 3G model. In Brazil, the device will also be available in stores on May 27, but more details have not been posted yet. Read More

iPad 2 Facing Antennagate Issues

ipad2Just like the iPhone 4, according to small number of users, the iPad 2 also has got some kind of an antennagate issue. It appears that if you hand covers the redesigned speakers of the iPad 2, the WiFi signal bars drop. Some users mention that all bars are lost, while others explain that only a few bars go down when their hands cover the speaker grill of the system. Read More

Apple Store Upcoming Changes Revealed – Apple Store 2.0

apple storeApple is planning something special for the 10th birthday of Apple Stores. Sources tell 9to5Mac that the overhaul is referred to as “Apple Store 2.0″ and the development process is led by Apple CEO Steve Jobs and Apple Design Guru Jony Ive. So what’s new in Apple Store 2.0? Read More

iPad 2 Coming to Taiwan This Month

ipad 2According to DigiTimes, the world’s most popular tablet – iPad 2 is coming to Taiwan this month. The report can be trusted completely as DigiTimes is a Taiwanese publisher, and many rumors coming from this publication are mostly true. Sources in the retail channel estimate that the iPad 2 should be launched as soon as within the next 1-2 weeks, says DigiTimes. Read More

Apple’s Amazing “If you Asked” Commercial

Apple has launched yet another ground breaking commercial that describes the numerous ways in which the iPad 2 is being used. The commercial is dubbed “If you Asked” and simply focuses on how the iPad 2 is being used from children to CEOs. The Ad highlights different Apps that are suitable for different people. Read More

Making of the DODOcase for iPad 2 [VIDEO]

Ever wondered how the super flexible DODOcase for iPad 2 is made? The folks behind the popular case have uploaded a video that shows how a group of people in San Francisco create and manufacture the DODOcase for iPad 2. The video is quite inspiring, and shows the entire creation process. We liked it, and hope you like it too. Read More

iPad 2 Arrives in 13 More Countries This Week

apple ipad 2Apple’s breakthrough post-PC device, iPad 2 will be arriving in 13 more countries this week. Even though Apple is finding it hard to meet the demand in the US, iPad 2 will be making its way into Hong Kong, India, Israel, Korea, Macau, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, South Africa, Turkey and UAE on April 29. Japan will get the device on April 28th, and the WiFi-only model will be available from May 6 in Japan. Read More

Apple Store Employee – Customers Are Ready to Buy the Demo Units

apple storeAn Apple Store genius has told one of our readers that customers want the iPad 2 so much that they are even ready to get the demo units on display. The iPad 2 demand is extremely high, and the supply is short. Just like the original iPad, the store has got many customers on the waiting list. Read More