Apple Music Launched With iOS 8.4

AMApple showed off its music streaming service, Apple Music, at WWDC 2015 and confirmed 30th June as the release date. The day is here and the world is waiting to take a look at what exactly Apple Music will be bringing to the table. After Apple acquired Beats last year, the company has used the latter’s expertise and technology to create a music streaming service which will be a competition for the rivals like Spotify. It was Beats boss Jimmy Iovine, who unveiled the service at the keynote, as chosen by Apple. Read More

Developers Need To Use Latest Beta Version For CloudKit Functionality


Apple has sent out an email to developers encouraging them to use the latest beta versions of operating systems on their iOS and OS X systems. The Cupertino company has informed the developers that from 26th August developers will have to use iOS 8 beta 5 or later for mobile devices or OS X Yosemite developer preview 5 or later for desktop in order to continue developing Apps that require integration with iCloud functions: Read More

iOS 8 Prompt Asks Users Whether Apps Are Allowed To Use Location Data

iOS 8 Prompt

Screenshots of an iOS 8 prompt asking users whether to allow Apps to use location data are floating around the internet. This has started a lot of debate among netizens using the beta version of iOS 8. Some agree that the iOS 8 prompt is good for privacy; others argue that it seems to be intrusively annoying. Some users say that the iOS 8 will not just prompt when using Apps that use location data, but even when an App that is already allowed tries to use the GPS, camera, mic, motion sensor, etc. There are also those who think it feels a lot like a Windows Vista approach. Read More

iOS 8 Camera App Brings Exciting News To Users And Developers Alike

iOS 8 Camera

Of the many topics discussed at the WWDC, one of the things that got people excited is the iOS 8 Camera App. Besides the software tweaks the App received which gave users more manual control, Apple also opened up the Photokit and the Camera Roll itself to third party developers giving them more access than with previous versions. Read More

iOS Now Has A Brand New Keyboard With Predictive Texting


iOS now sports the smartest keyword ever. It now has something called “QuickType” which will feature predictive texting. The iOS keyboard will now display words which it thinks would possibly be the next word that you want to type. The keyboard now also follows you conversation so it instantly displays the right words for you so you can simply tap on it and get it delivered across. Read More

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