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Creating Nested Folders In iOS 7.1

Some users prefer to keep their device tidy and organized. Creating folders and nested folders help us to organize our Apps by adding them to folders that has similar Apps, or in fact keeping them in the way we want them to. Creating folders for Apps is an official solution from Apple for its users, but fortunately a bug was discovered to further create nested folders inside folders. There is no guarantee that it’ll survive the next update, but for now it offers a good way to keep our Apps organized. Read More

WhatsApp Redesign For iOS 7 Is Now Live


WhatsApp has now been finally redesigned for iOS 7 and the update has hit the App Store right now. The new version is completely redesigned for iOS 7, includes a new feature called “Broadcast Lists” and few other improvements and fixes. Read More

United Airlines App Updated, Brings iOS 7 Design and iPad Support

United Airlines App

The iOS App for one of the biggest American airlines, United Airlines, has just received a major update. The update brings with it a slew of features, making it compatible with the iPad, and iPad mini, as well as the previously supported iPhone and iPod touch. The new version has also been refreshed with a fresh and minimalistic interface, based on the design guidelines of iOS 7. Read More

YouTube for iOS Updated For iOS 7, Brings New Video Quality Options

youtubeWith the release of iOS 6, Apple may have removed its YouTube App from the table, but that didn’t stop Google from developing their own standalone version, available on the Apple App Store. And now, Google has updated the App, making a few improvements for iOS 7 compatibility, and adding a few features.

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Skype Updated For iOS 7 With A Clean And Minimalistic Design

Skype iPhoneAfter a recent update which finally enabled HD video chatting on Skype for iOS, they have now updated the App to version 4.13 for both, the iPhone and iPad, to match the new design scheme and aesthetics of iOS 7, which means a cleaner, flatter, and minimalistic design sense. Read More

Hate iOS 7? This Song Might Help

Jonathan Mann, the guy whose video was picked up by Steve Jobs during his keynote presentation is back again with a song for people who hate iOS 7. This would put a smile on your face, for a few minutes. Read More

iOS 7 Ruined This Kids Day

Well, there’s not much to say. iOS 7 was launched yesterday and this kid absolutely hates the new look. While tech geeks may love the transition from skeuomorphism to flat design, it is clear that old school people as well as kids would be in for a surprise once they update to iOS 7. Read More

The Way iOS 7′s Parallax Effects Tricks Us Into Seeing 3D

iOS 7 EffectiOS 7 sports awesome new effects, one of them being a new parallax tilt shifting effect gives it a 3D effect. At MacWorld, a wonderful article clearly explains how the OS tricks us into seeing a 3D effect using the gyroscope and a powerful GPU. Read More

Don’t Like Siri’s Voice, Here’s What She Says

Siri NewSiri Voice

Siri recently got a huge makeover with iOS 7. Siri also got two new voices, one male and the other female. If you happen to hate Siri’s new voice, go ahead, tell it to her and here is what she is likely to say.

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Russian Video Shows iOS 7 in Action

A Russian blogger, Rozetked reviewed what is presumably iOS 7 running on an iPad. Is this the real thing? Maybe but we can’t be sure since first, the official version of iOS 7 has not been released by Apple yet and second it looks kind of different from the screenshots from the Xcode emulator version of iOS 7 by Sonny Dickson. Read More