Siri May Not Be Exclusive To Apple For Long

Siri - Android?

Siri has been the highlight of Apple’s new iPhone, but will it be exclusive to Apple for much longer? Reports state that “hackers” have come to the conclusion that any device with a microphone and an internet connection has the ability to run Siri. All it requires is a single line of code to make it work. Read More

Apple’s Newsstand Now Available

newsstandPart of the latest iOS, Newsstand has just arrived for Apple iOS customers. Available via a link within the App Store, Newsstand can be accessed to view all the magazines and newspapers available via this unique service. Newsstand will be an App on iOS 5 that will reside on your home screen using which you can manage and view all your magazine subscriptions from one place. It also looks gorgeous.

Publications like GQ, The New York Times, The Daily and more are already a part of the service offered by Apple, and many other publications are soon being added to the ever growing roster. Newsstand won’t work without iOS 5. iOS 5 should also be released within the next few hours.

Possible iOS 5 Screenshot Leaked

iOS 5 ScreenshotApple’s going to announce iOS 5 at WWDC, and it has been rumored that iOS 5 will support complete Twitter integration and will include a better notifications system. This latest picture posted by TechCrunch appears to be a leaked screenshot of iOS 5. The image posted features an additional status bar that notifies the user about Twitter account activity. Read More