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How To: Hide Apps And Folder In iOS 7.1 Without Jailbreaking

TUAWTired of irksome friends or kids who just take your mobile in their hand and keep checking your stuff? Not anymore. With this cool trick in iOS 7.1 you can completely hide Apps from your home screen and yet use them easily. In fact, you can also hide Apps that you seldom use, but you don’t want to permanently delete. Read More

Transform Your iOS Device Into A Custom Controller With Custom Control Pad

ccpiconCustom Control Pad (CCP), developed by FrozenPepper, allows you to completely convert the display of your iPad and iPhone into a personally chosen keyboard or, much better, into a joystick that works flawlessly with your PC and Mac. Read More

Honda Takes iOS Integration Further with Display Audio Devices

Honda iOS

A week ago, Honda introduced Siri Eyes Free integration into its 2013-2014 Accord and 2013 Acura, and now it seems they are taking this “iOS in the Car” even further, as they will installing a 7″ display in the 2014 Honda Civic and 2015 Honda Fit, called “Display Audio”. Read More

App Downloads Will Cross 102 Billion This Year, Gartner Research Shows

App Downloads - GartnerAccording to a new research by Gartner, global App downloads will exceed 102 billion this year. 90% of these App downloads are made from Apple’s App Store on iOS, and Google’s Play Store on Android. These downloads will lead to over $26 billion in revenue from applications. Read More

iSoundSleep for iOS – Come To Terms With Sleep

isoundsleepiconiSoundSleep for iOS gives you the chance to come to terms with sleep. You can now sleep peacefully with iSoundSleep. Developed by InfiniSoft, iSoundSleep includes a lot of relaxing sounds that help you sleep peacefully. Alarm comes with a whole twist with iSoundSleep, they fade away so you get up refreshed and relaxed. The main objective behind iSoundSleep is that it gives you the chance to go to sleep and wake up peacefully. Read More

Any.DO Developers Release Cal, A Smart Calendar App Designed With Love


The minds behind the popular To-Do App, ‘Any.DO,’ just released their new calendar App, called ‘Cal.’ Cal is part of their new ‘App Family,’ which contains Any.DO, Cal, and two more upcoming apps, Mail and Memo.

Read More

Apple’s Official WWDC App Now Live, Features Flat Design


Apple’s official WWDC App is now live on the App Store. Using it, developers can check out the entire event schedule and all the details of it. But more importantly, the App features an all new flat design which is something that Jony Ive plans to layout all through iOS 7. The design is crisp and neat. Read More

Google Chrome for iOS Updated With Better Voice Search And More

chromeGoogle today pushed out an update for Google Chrome for iOS that takes the App to version 27.0.1453.10. The new version comes with improved voice search functionality, faster page reloading and other security updates and bug fixes. Instead of having to type to search, users can simply do a voice search with their voice. Read More

Google Play Music All Access Coming Soon To iOS

Sunder Pichai

Google always makes its Apps available across various platforms and today, Google’s SVP Sundar Pichai has confirmed at the D11 conference that the Google Play Music App will soon be available for iOS. At D11, he said “In Google’s fundamental DNA, we want [our services] to be universally accessible… For us, users on iOS who want to use Google services, we want them to be Google users.” Read More

Google Launches Unified Messaging App for iOS, Android and Chrome

hangoutsAt Google I/O today, Google launched a new unified messaging App for iOS, Android and Chrome dubbed “Hangouts”. Hangouts is now a standalone application instead of simply being a feature of Google+ and as Google describes it – “conversations which last” and “with people that you love.” Just like any other messaging App, you will find all your friends with whom you can chat, share photos, emoji and voice calls for free. Read More