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UK Ahead Of North America In iOS 7 Adoption

iOS 7

Chitika’s analytics arm, Chitika Insights, has released latest statistics report for iPhone and iPad users’ adoption of iOS versions for UK, Australia and North America. According to the report, iOS device owners in the UK lead both North America and Australia in adoption of latest iOS 7. Read More

iOS 7.1.1 Update Marks ‘In-App Purchases’ Against App Name In Listing In App Store


With the latest iOS 7.1.1 update, users can know if am App has an in-App purchase option even before getting into the details of the App. In the App Store all the listing pages that have App tiles like ‘Top Charts’, ‘Business’ etc., besides having the App name and price, now also very clearly state ‘In-App Purchases’ under the price box, if the App has an In-App purchase option. Read More

87% Of Apple iOS Users Are On iOS 7

App Store Stats

Ahead of WWDC in June, where Apple plans to talk about the upcoming iOS 8, Apple reported on its developer site that 87% of its iPhone and iPad users are on iOS 7, 11% on iOS 6 and remaining 2% on older versions. iOS 7 was released in mid September with the launch of two new phones, iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S. Read More

Apple Developer Site Introduces App Design Tips For iOS 7


The Apple Developer Website has just been updated with tips and advice for designers looking to create Apps for iOS 7 powered devices. Read More

iOS 7 To Release Today [Timings] (UPDATE)

ios7As you may know, today is finally the official release date of Apple’s latest mobile operating system, iOS 7. iOS 7 has been in beta status for months now, and the Gold Master build was released recently, which is the final build before the official release. So until now, not everyone could get their hands on it. Read More

Listen To All New iOS 7 Ringtones and Alert Tones

iOS 7 RingtoneWhen Apple showed off iOS 7 in yesterday’s keynote, they also announced that iOS 7 will be coming with a completely new set of ringtones and alert tones. Read More

Flat Design To Be Implemented By Jony Ive In iOS 7

Jony Ive iOS 7 Design Changes

WWDC is right around the corner and it is highly likely that Apple will be giving us a preview of iOS 7. With a complete design overhaul planned, Apple’s design guru Jony Ive will be reportedly implementing the ‘flat design’ visual look which is all-in these days. According to a new story by 9to5Mac, Apple will be implementing the flat design across all of its Apps which means that you won’t be seeing any of those metallic looks, but instead all of the design works will be extremely flat and visually appealing. Read More

iOS 7 Concept Video

Here’s a new iOS 7 concept video that suggests some excellent changes to the core features of iOS that should be a part of iOS 7. This is just a concept that tries to imagines things in a totally different way. Not sure if we quite agree with the “Lock Screen” changes suggested, but the rest of them sure look fascinating.