Here Are All The New Features Coming To Apple Maps With iOS 14

Apple Maps did not have a distinguished start, but over the years it has continuously made improvements to bring it up to par with Google Maps. Now, with iOS 14, Apple is adding new handy features to maps.

Cycling Directions

We have seen maps showing driving directions, walking directions and even transit directions. What about bicycle directions? For users in San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, New York City, Shanghai, and Beijing, Apple Map is bringing cycling directions. The feature will be expanded into other parts of the world in the following months. Along with the estimated time, the map will also show traffic cautions, elevation changes and steep hills.  Read More

Top 5 Widgets For Your iPhone with iOS 14

Honestly, quite a few of us do not put widgets to its right use. Just with a little effort you can make your smartphone so much more productive. Apple introduced the ability to add widgets in iOS 10, but they have been confined to the Notification Center since then. This will soon change with the release of iOS 14. iPhone users will now be able to add customizable widgets on their homescreen. With widgets you can quickly glance at the information that might be important to you without actually opening a particular app. Of course Apple includes widgets for a number of built-in apps, but what gives the feature more importance are the widgets from third-party apps. Here are some of the widgets from apple as well as third-party apps that you should definitely be using with iOS 14 to make your day easier:  Read More

iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 Public Beta Is Out For Users To Test

Apple on Thursday released the first public beta of its latest operating system version. Right after WWDC, developers beta of OS 14 was made available. Now is the chance for every user to get a peek into the new iOS 14 and iPadOS 14. Apple plans on releasing betas every few weeks to get rid of as many bugs as possible till the final version is made available. Anyone with a compatible Apple device can download the beta without paying for the $99 developer account.

Is your device eligible for the new update?

It’s highly possible that your iPhone is eligible for the update as some of these models are as old as five years. Apple will roll out iOS 14 for 15 different iPhone models. Here’s the list:  Read More

The New HomePod Update Will Let Users Set Third-Party Music Apps As Default

Apple’s Siri command-based speaker, HomePod, is being tested for the ability to support third-party music services with voice command. The software was released for testing on Tuesday alongside iOS 14 Developer Beta 2. Previously, the default music service could not be changed and the user could play music through voice command only from Apple Music. While, third-party music services like Spotify, weren’t integrated into the system, i.e., every time the user asked Siri to play music from a third-party music service, the app’s name had to be mentioned or had to be streamed on HomePod using Airplay and iPhone, iPad, or Mac. The beta release suggests that the user will now be able to set supported third-party music services as their default music choice.

Apple didn’t mention about the update to the HomePod during the WWDC, but quite evidently highlighted the feature in the slide while introducing the HomeKit features. Read More

Apple Is Improving Its iCloud Keychain With iOS 14 – Will Alert Users Of Data Breach And Other Security Issues

The upcoming release of iOS 14 has lots in store for Apple users. With all the new features, redesigns and updates, Apple is bringing a major enhancement to iCloud Keychain in iOS 14 and iPadOS 14. iClod Keychain is similar to 1Password and LastPass, which stores and syncs the user’s credit card details and passwords from different websites and apps in an encrypted format, disallowing anyone, including Apple from reading the information. This allows one-touch login next time you visit the website or app. The iCloud Keychain can be accessed from an iPhone or an iPad through the Passwords menu in the Settings. Apple has made improvements to the iCloud Keychain password manager to allow users to receive more helpful information about their passwords. Read More

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Apple’s New Privacy Controls Feature Exposes Several Apps For Copying User’s Clipboard Data

As a part of Apple’s iOS 14 Privacy Controls, the new Banner Alert feature allows users to know if an app is copying the clipboard’s content. According to several reports after the launch of iOS 14 beta, this feature is already revealing the conduct of some very popular apps. Recently many users noticed TikTok reading user’s clipboards on iPhone and iPad. The privacy alert keeps popping up on the screen every time the app is running, this has made the beta users concerned about TikTok copying personal data without permission. TikTok claimed that the clipboard access was used as fraud identification to check repetitive spam behavior, and TikTok released an iOS update to remove it. Other apps that have been caught reading user clipboards for no perceivable reason are LinkedIn, Reddit, AliExpress, Twitter, Starbucks, Overstock, and more.  Read More

iOS 14’s Customizable Widgets – What’s New And How To Use

iOS 14 is coming with a host of exciting new features. While we anticipate its wait, Let’s learn how to use one of the major features that Apple is bringing with its upcoming update – ‘Home Screen Widgets’. For the first time, Apple users will experience a customizable home screen allowing the users to add the needed information on the home screen making it more flexible to use. Widgets will come in three sizes and one can add up to 10 apps within one widget.

Here’s how to use widgets in iPhone

  • Tap and hold on an empty space in the ‘Today’ view and press the ‘+’ button that appears in the top-left corner to reveal your available apps. Make sure to choose the correct size. Once the widget is added, its not resizable and you will have to delete and start again.
  • If the widgets are in ‘jiggle’ mode, you can drag them around and place them in the desired order. You can also long press on the widget for the ‘Edit’ option and customize it accordingly.

Read More

iPhone’s New Picture In Picture Feature: All You Need To Know

iPhone owners eligible for the new iOS 14 update will be able to enjoy the Picture in Picture feature. This feature was innovated by Samsung, and later acquired by all Android phones. Although, iPad have had this feature for quite a while now, for iPhone it’s a new feature all together. For those iPhone users who have craved to be able to multitask between watching a video or listening to a podcast and simultaneously doing other things on the phone, now won’t have to toggle between different tabs.

While you are watching a video on any of the apps that supports PiP, it strikes to you that you have to quicky reply to a text or check your email, but do not want to switch back and forth, this feature comes to your rescue. The user will just have to swipe up to go Home and the video window will shrink to appear in the corner of the screen. The video can be dragged anywhere on the screen according to convenience. The video can also be skipped forward or backward, paused and played. Apps that will support PiP includes – Apple TV, Podcasts, Safari, iTunes, FaceTime and any other third-party app that supports the feature in iPad. For YouTube, the feature works only for videos opened using Safari, unless the user has YouTube Premium subscription. Other video app developers have started working on supporting PiP on iOS 14. Jordanna Kwok, Engineering Head at Netflix tweeted that the support for this feature has been added for iOS in the Netflix App. Read More

New iOS 14 Features That Will Give Users A Feel Of Android

This year’s Worldwide Developer’s Conference witnessed a host of announcement made by Apple. The company revealed the all new iOS 14 with multiple new features along with iPadOS 14, MacOS Big Sur and updates to the current TVOS and WatchOS, as well as switching to ARM processor in MacBooks . Among all the new features that were announced with iOS 14 update, there were few that resembled Android features. Read More

Apple’s CarKey – Control Your Car With Your iPhone

Tie-up between the German carmaker, BMW and the tech giant, Apple, brings virtual car key. Apple announced Apple CarKey as one of the features of iOS 14.0, which is scheduled for launch in the coming months. An update of iOS 13 will also support the feature a little later. BMW will market the same as the BMW Digital Key in its vehicles. Initially, only the recently face-lifted BMW 5 Series will support this feature and then subsequently other models. Apple is working on getting other manufacturers onboard as well to support the feature in the upcoming year. Read More