Mi Credit Will Launch On December 3 In India

Mi Credit, Xiaomi’s loan service based App will launch in India on December 3rd after a long wait since its creation in May last year. Based on the sources, Xiaomi has partnered with the loan-credit facility KrazyBee who are located in Bangalore. The formal launch will take place tomorrow and it will join a set of other Apps that give online services to the Indian users. Read More

Top 5 Instant Loan Apps For Android In India

Are you tired of getting a loan rejection every time you step into a bank? Well, those times are long gone. There are a variety of instant loan apps by which you can now avail a loan with just a click of a finger on your smartphone. There is no need for paperwork and document submission, no more mortgage and no added processing fees. Here’s our list of the top five instant loans apps for Android in India: Read More

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