Instagram Is Working On A “Main Account” Feature

Instagram wants its users to be less frustrated while managing multiple business and personal accounts and is trying to implement a new feature for the same. There could be a single “main” account to login into all of your Instagram profiles in the future, be it business related or any of your personal pages. This will eliminate the need of users having to login separately into different accounts each time. Read More

Instagram Stories Touches 500M Users Daily

Instagram now officially has more users on its Stories when compared to Snapchat, based on a new report that claims that there are over 500 million people using Stories feature on the photo-sharing platform every single day. Stories allow you to share your daily moments with your friends and followers who can view it for 24 hours, after which it disappears. It was originally seen in Snapchat, which Instagram seems to have copied later on. Read More

Instagram Clarifies That It Is Not Limiting Followers From Viewing Your Posts

A recent backlash from people on social media stated that Instagram is cutting out their posts from the followers and it is only reaching a few of them, statistically only 7 percent. But it turns out that it was just a copy-paste routine which had become viral and people had started believing it to be true, which is completely false and Instagram has officially denied limiting the post reach. Read More

Netflix Users Can Now Directly Link TV Show Posters On Instagram Stories

Netflix has added a new feature specifically for Instagram users who want to share with their followers what they have been watching on the media streaming platform. The users can add the artwork of their favourite TV Show or Movie on the usual Instagram Stories post and let people see what they have been upto on the weekend or late night with friends. Read More

Instagram Has Made Things Easier For Reposting, With Support For Multiple Accounts

Instagram has added yet another new feature for all of it’s iOS users. The feature will let you post your feeds on all of your accounts at once. Earlier, this was not possible and users had to separately login in to each account for posting. Looks like the company is continually making things easier for the users and not letting any shortcoming get in the way for the App. Read More

Instagram Is Testing Horizontal Scrolling For Feeds

Instagram users woke up to a completely different layout on the App today as they could not use the traditional vertical scroll for glancing through each post. It was highly unusual for the users to gel along with horizontal feeds and most of them freaked out on what happened and whether this sudden change was a bug. Several other users took to Twitter to express their concern and awaited for the response from the company. Read More

Instagram Now Lets You Ask Questions In Live And Interact With Music

Instagram just doesn’t seem to stop bringing out new features, with so many new ones being added in the past few months. The latest update gives Instagram users the ability to use the question stickers in live videos to bring more ways of interaction with friends or celebrities. Also, instead of answering the question individually you can chose to insert any music as an answer. Read More

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Adding People On Instagram Live Videos Just Got Easier

For regular Instagram users, the new feature is surely going to be more than handy. The company has added yet another new feature today to make live video calls easier for its users. Calling up your friends and adding multiple of them on Instagram’s video chats can now be done simply by swiping up from below and choosing a person from the list of your followers and friends. Read More

Now Use Voice Messages In Your Instagram DMs

After introducing a stream of new features since the past few months, Instagram has launched yet another new feature in the style of walkie-talkie voice messaging. Users will now be able to communicate in their direct messages by sending and receiving audio messages similar to what’s available on WhatsApp. The feature is certainly not new in the App business, but Instagram wants to help users have conversations faster and in a more convenient way. Read More

Now You Can Share Stories Only With ‘Close Friends’ On Instagram

Did you ever feel like not sharing some of your more personal stuff across all your followers? Well, you are in luck now as Instagram has introduced a new feature that will allow you to share certain stories with your close friends only. This means that you can make a group of your friends and decide to send the stories to only them without having all your followers view them. Read More