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iMessage — Self Destructing Messages, Location Sharing, Group Chats


As iOS 8 was unveiled today at WWDC, Apple introduced an updated version of iMessage: iDevice to iDevice messaging service. Read More

iMessage Bug Results In Lost Messages On Switching From iPhone

imessageSwitching from iPhone to Android or any other OS makes you miss messages from your iPhone contacts. iMessage is a messaging feature for iPhone users to save their money that converts text message to iMessage and then sends using Apple’s service rather than the network. iMessage is available across iOS devices only. Read More

iMessage Problem Acknowledged By Apple, Fix Coming Soon

iMessagesApple has today acknowledged that there is in-fact a problem with iOS 7 and iMessage, and that it has affected “a fraction of a percent” of its users. Some users are not able to send iMessages as delivery of the messages are failing. Apple says a fix is coming soon. Read More

Apple Looking for App Engineer To Bring New Features to iMessage and FaceTime

facetimeApple is now looking for a new iOS Communications Application Engineer who can help add breakthrough new features to iMessage and FaceTime. According to a job listing on the Apple website, the position for an engineer is available at the Cupertino offices and the person will be responsible for “taking the revolutionary iPhone to the next level.” Read More

iMessages Comes to the Mac. Get it now

imessagesiMessages is a huge success. Almost everybody with an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch seems to be using the feature on a daily basis. Apple has today finally made a beta version of iMessages available for the Mac. The final build will be available with Mac OS X Mountain Lion which Apple plans to release this summer. Read More

iMessage for Mac? Here’s a Concept

iMessage, the Blackberry Messenger killer is only available for iOS devices, but what about the Mac? Apple has not yet announced its plans to port the messaging App to the Mac, but just as they did with FaceTime, the App must be available for Mac to make the process extremely seamless. Here is a video concept of how Apple can implement the feature. Read More