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iMacs Won’t Be Arriving Until 2013

iMacsThe all-new iMac with the sleek new design and powerful performance will probably won’t be arriving until early 2013. Although early rumors suggested that the iMacs will be made available from November 27th, right before the holiday season, a delay in the welding process could delay the availability of the iMacs. Read More

Apple Stores Replace iMacs With iPads in Kids Section

apple store ipadEvery Apple Store has a dedicated sections for kids with iMacs that have got Apps (including games) loaded on them specifically for kids. This has been a very popular section and has helped Apple to sell more iMacs.

Now, it appears that as we slowly enter into the post-PC era, Apple has replaced the iMacs with iPads with all the special Apps pre-loaded on them for kids to play and have a good time. And in-turn sell more iPads. The iPad is definitely a more intuitive device than the iMac for kids, and this seems to be a good replacement. Read More

New iMacs Are Available With Sandy Bridge, Thunderbolt, FaceTime Camera, and More

imacApple has refreshed its iMac family after a long week of rumors. Earlier today, the Apple Online Store was down for a while, and when it came back up, new iMacs were made available for purchase via the store. The new iMacs still come in the same gorgeous aluminum casing and sport the same look, but with much more capable hardware. Read More

Apple Store is Being Updated, New iMacs Coming

20110503-043406.jpgApple is busy updating the online store for us with something new. Rumors suggest that new iMacs boasting Intel’s latest Sandy Bridge processors will be made available as soon as the store comes back up. Read More

New iMacs With Sandy Bridge Coming Next Week

imacSources have told AppleInsider that Apple will be releasing new versions of iMac that will be equipped with Intel’s latest Sandy Bridge processors. Apple plans to make the new iMacs available on May 3rd, Tuesday. The new computers are believed to have the latest and fastest Thunderbolt port, and Apple will replace the system’s first-gen Core i processors and miniDisplay ports for second-generation Core i Chips. Read More

New Patent Reveals Possible iMac touch and iTV Chip Architecture


According to Patently Apple, a newly published patent application from Apple reveals a few processes behind Apple’s own A4 processor. The patent relates to methods that help in reducing the size of a system’s circuitry by placing all the components of the system on the same chip.

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iFixit Tears The Magic Trackpad

The Magic Trackpad announced by Apple has been getting a lot of attention lately. It is a trackpad for desktop users and is 80% larger than the trackpad available on a MacBook. Desktop users could now use gestures to control stuff on their iMacs and it could kill the mouse forever.

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Magic Trackpad Introduced By Apple is Revolutionary

Apple magic Trackpad

Apple today announced a new iMac with a better display, better hardware and a better core architecture. The new iMac comes with a whole new product – Magic Trackpad. The Magic Trackpad is a huge Trackpad for desktop users. It is the same Trackpad that Apple uses in MacBooks but is larger in size. The Trackpad would give iMac users a chance to experience the Trackpad which ships along with Apple notebooks.

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iMac Prices Drop – Indicates New Product


Considering the updates Apple products have been getting recently, the iMac seems to be left behind. It appears that a new iMac is in the making. One of our readers has observed a £200 price drop in the iMac product line and that the price for a 27′ iMac has been dropped from £1499 to £1299.

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