iMac With Retina Display Tear Down

newimacteardownTo see what’s in the heart of the new Retina iMac, the team at Fixit tore it down and found out what really drives the powerful machine. To their surprise, apart from the new Retina screen with a 5K display having 14.7 million pixels there was nothing completely new inside. The inner design and components are almost same as previous models. Read More

iFixit Rips Apart the New iPad

new ipadiFixit at their very best. The company recently ripped apart the new Apple iPad which went on sale on March 16th. The teardown has revealed that the new retina display on the iPad is produced by Samsung and that getting inside the iPad is really tricky. The folks simply took each part of the gorgeous new device for us to see. Below are the key points noted. Read More

31 Magnets Used in Smart Covers


For the very first time, the folks at iFixit have been so impressed by a cover that they have torn it down to give us details about its inside. Smart Cover for the iPad 2 was torn down by the team and the results are completely shocking. According to iFixit, Apple used over 31 magnets to design the Smart Cover, and only one magnet is used for the automatic sleep/wake functionality.

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