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Apple’s iWatch Expected This September


According to a report published in Digitimes, three Flexible PCB suppliers, Flexium Interconnect, Zhen Ding Technology Holding and Career Technology reportedly have delivered FPCB samples for use in iWatch devices to Apple for validation. It also says that Apple is expected to launch the wearable device – iWatch in September. Read More

Siri Will Be Upgraded For Third Party App Integration


According to a report by The Information, Apple is developing a revamped version of Siri that will interconnect and link to other third party Apps. So far, Apple has made deals with services like Yelp and OpenTable for Siri integration, but apparently, Apple aims to eventually make Siri compatible with every third party application. Read More

Apple Hires Yet Another Biosensor Expert

Biosensor Expert

Apple has been focusing on the fitness and health aspect of its alleged iWatch lately, as they hired a new talent last month – Marcelo Lamego. Read More

Nike Fuelband and Fitness Expert Jay Blehnik Confirms Working At Apple, Possibly For iWatch

iwatchGlobally recognized fitness expert and instrumental consult, Jay Blehnik, has been involved in the development of several Nike products, including the Nike fuelband. And now, Blehnik has confirmed his latest role at Apple, which we speculate will be for the iWatch.
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Apple Hiring Lots Of New Talent To Release iWatch In Late 2014


According to a report published by the Financial Times, Apple is now vigorously hiring new people, in order to make the famed ‘iWatch,’ a reality. Before this report, the only claim linking to the iWatch, was a Bloomberg report, saying that Apple was hiring around a 100 new people, for the design and development of the iWatch, and now it seems that time is here. Read More