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Apple’s iWatch Could Sell 60 Million Units In Its First Year


In a note sent to investors, Morgan Stanley’s Kate Huberty claimed Apple would sell between 30 and 60 Million iWatch units in the device’s first year. She based this prediction on an AlphaWise survey. Read More

Apple Partners With Top Athletes To Test iWatch


Apple has already started testing the capabilities of  iWatch related to health and fitness tracking. Apple has been inviting athletes from the MLB, NHL, and NBA to its Apple campus to brief the players about the upcoming smartwatch and provide an opportunity for testing to be done during live training sessions. Apple has partnered with some of the sports world’s most prominent professional athletes for this purpose. It plans to test the soon to be launched iWatch’s fitness capabilities under extreme training environments. Read More

iWatch Will Have 2.5-inch Screen And Wireless Charging


According to a recent report by Reuters, the face of  iWatch will be rectangular and is likely to measure 2.5 inches diagonally. It is also expected that the face will protrude slightly from the band, creating an arch shape and will feature a touch interface. Read More

iWatch Will Have More Than Ten Sensors


Concept by Esben Oxholm

According to a recent report by Wall Street Journal, Apple’s soon to be launched smartwatch will have as many as ten or more sensors which will mainly collect health related data. According to past reports and WSJ report, Apple iWatch’s focus will be Health, and to that purpose it will have sensors to track and capture health and fitness data. Read More

iWatch Allegedly Confirmed By Apple Employee


The famed Apple iWatch has been rumored for many months now, and it may have finally been confirmed.

The news comes from an Apple employee interviewed by the New York Times, who informs us that indeed an iWatch is being worked on, but mainly by Jony Ive and a few other designers, with Apple CEO Tim Cook not involving himself directly with the project: Read More

Apple Debuts iWatch In October


iWatch concept by Todd Hamilton

According to Re/code, Apple is planning to announce its new “wearable device”, iWatch, in October. The device will take full advantage of HealthKit, Apple’s soon to be launched health and fitness management App in iOS 8. Read More

Apple Stock Price Skyrockets To $600 Prior To WWDC


With the WorldWide Developer Conference (WWDC) coming up, the Apple stock price has skyrocketed, closing at $600 today on the NASDAQ share market, for the first time since the October of 2012. Read More

Apple’s iWatch Expected This September


According to a report published in Digitimes, three Flexible PCB suppliers, Flexium Interconnect, Zhen Ding Technology Holding and Career Technology reportedly have delivered FPCB samples for use in iWatch devices to Apple for validation. It also says that Apple is expected to launch the wearable device – iWatch in September. Read More

Siri Will Be Upgraded For Third Party App Integration


According to a report by The Information, Apple is developing a revamped version of Siri that will interconnect and link to other third party Apps. So far, Apple has made deals with services like Yelp and OpenTable for Siri integration, but apparently, Apple aims to eventually make Siri compatible with every third party application. Read More

Apple Hires Yet Another Biosensor Expert

Biosensor Expert

Apple has been focusing on the fitness and health aspect of its alleged iWatch lately, as they hired a new talent last month – Marcelo Lamego. Read More