TSMC Prepares For Manufacturing A9 Processors

a7According to a recent report by Taiwan’s Economic Daily News, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) is in the process of rolling-out a new 6nm FinFET fabrication process that would give a monthly output of 50,000 wafers. With A8 expected to launch along with iPhone 6 on September 9, TSMC wants to ensure it doesn’t lose majority orders of A9 Chip to other chipmakers. The current chip size is 12-inch, though there is no mention in the report for the wafer size for A9 processor. Read More

iPhone 6 Might Come With New USB Power Adapter But Same Lightning Cable

With the latest rumours about the new lightning cable with reversible USB and a new power adapter expected to come along with iPhone 6 making the rounds, third party vendor Moca.co, through its blog, shared a slightly different news. According to the blog, the new lighting cable would not be a part of iPhone 6 and it would have the same cable as current phone model. As for the new USB adapter, there is a possibility the new iPhone will come with a new design for the USB power adapter.

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New USB Power For iPhone 6

iphone 6

Recently a leaked image of brand new USB power adapter surfaced on Weibo. The USB power adapter is much similar in shape and size to the Apple’s Australian power adapter with the only difference being the plug standard. It’s quite possible this is iPhone 6’s new power adapter for US since it has plug standards for U.S. Read More

Walmart Drops 16GB iPhone 5c To $0.97 And 16GB iPhone 5s To $79

iphone 5c

As we near the launch of iPhone 6, it seems stores want to clear their old stock and be ready for the new one. As reported by Engadget, Walmart has reduced the price of Apple’s 16 GB iPhone 5C to just 97 cents which is quite unbelievable. iPhone 5S has also seen a reduction of $20, now available for only $79. The offer is open for next 90 days after which prices may revert back if stock remains. Read More