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Apple Airs New iPhone TV Ad Dubbed “Parenthood”

Apple from has started airing a new iPhone 5S TV Ad called “Parenthood“. The Ad focuses on different iPhone 5S features, Apps and products that are of use by parents for various day to day activities like baby monitoring, finding a lost dog, learning, turning off lights, recording health data and more. The features of the device that are focused in the ad are FaceTime, Flashlight, and Camera. Read More

‘Test Drive’ T-Mobile With Free iPhone 5s

t-mobileDuring the “Uncarrier 5.0” event at Seattle’s Paramount Theater, T-Mobile CEO John Legere announced its latest move to convince potential customers of their network. T-Mobile is launching a new program which they call “Test Drive”. Under this program T-Mobile has partnered with Apple to rent potential customers a brand-new iPhone 5S to test the service provider’s network for one whole week. Read More

Jailbreak For iPhone 5S On iOS 7.1.1 Now Available

Recently there have been two news about iOS 7.1.1 jailbreak solutions for iPhone 5C and iPhone 4 but none for iPhone 5S. First jailbreak solution for iOS 7.1.1 on iPhone 5C was by hacker @ion1c and then by @winocm for iPhone 4. Read More

Virgin Mobile Knocks A Further 10% Off Price Of iPhone 5S and 5C

Virgin Mobile has just knocked 10% off the list price of the iPhone 5S, and iPhone 5C. This offer, however, is exclusive to their online store, and only valid in the United States. Read More

GSM Unlocked iPhone 5s Now Available At Online Apple Store

simfreeApple just released the unlocked version of its iPhone 5s on the online Apple store in the United States. The unlocked version is the same as the other variants in terms of hardware and software, the only difference being that it will not come with a SIM card, and will not be tied to a carrier or contract. The unlocked iPhone will run any GSM SIM cards, which is a great advantage if you travel abroad frequently. Read More

Faulty Battery Could be Causing Less Battery Life On Your iPhone 5s


Your brand new iPhone 5s been getting less than average battery life? While it could be due to excessive data or GPS usage, there is a slight chance that a faulty battery could be causing this in a “very limited number” of devices, according to Apple. Read More

Apple Launches iPhone 5S and 5C in 35 New Countries, 16 More Next Week


With the global demand for the iPhone 5s getting higher, Apple is now offering the iPhone 5s and 5c on its online stores in 35 new countries, which include Spain, Italy, And South Korea: Read More

iPhone 5S Available For Pre-Order on 20th

5spreorderThe iPhone 5c was available for pre order earlier today, however, Apple does not plan to put its flagship phone, the 5S, up for pre order. You need not worry, since as of next Friday, 12:01AM PDT, you will be able to order your brand new iPhone 5S online, from Apple’s website. Read More

Pre-orders for iPhone 5C Start On September 13th

iphone5sApple today announced iPhone 5C, and you can pre-order these devices starting from 13th September. Orders will begin shipping from September 20th and Apple stores will start featuring the device from September 20th from 8:00AM. Get in line if you need one. Read More

iPhone 5S to Run Latest 64 Bit A7 Processor, 31% faster than the A6


In a recent Tweet, Fox News Anchor Clayton Morris claims that Apple is working on an A7 processor, which will supposedly be 31% faster than its predecessor. Read More