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HTC Leaks Android Wear Watch In Promo Video

While we did get a render of HTC’s take on Android Wear from evleaks, we now get another look at the device, this time, from HTC. Read More

HTC One – Is This The Phone You Want?

htc one

HTC moments ago released their new flagship phone for 2013, the HTC One. And it is nothing short of a killer device. So what’s so special about this phone that Apple and Samsung fanboys need to know about? Read on for more details on the new device.

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HTC Addresses One S Ceramic ‘Chipping Issue’

htc one SAccording to multiple reports, users of the newly released, dual core toting One S were experiencing a big cosmetic issue with their devices.
The HTC One S is covered in a micro-arc oxidation coating, and many users have complained that parts of this coating from the backs of their devices are chipping off, leaving the supposed ‘most beautiful’ HTC phone in an ugly mess. The somewhat good news for those who did experience similar issues, HTC has issued a statement saying that customers experiencing ‘extreme chipping’ issues can return their One S handsets to their place of purchase, or have them repaired under warranty. Read More

Top 5 HTC Evo 4G Cases

HTC Evo 4G

The Evo 4G manufactured by HTC is a marvel. It has an enormous 4.3 inch display and is powered by Android. The device is extremely powerful and it is Sprint’s first 4G phone. It also includes a monstrous 8MP camera with Flash, supports 720p HD Video recording, Snapdragon 1Ghz processor and is unbelievably thin.

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HTC Brings SLCD to HTC Desire and Nexus One

Nexus One

Today, HTC announced that it had decided to adopt Super LCD and that it would introduce SLCD to various HTC phones including the Desire and the Nexus One. The switch would make its devices more efficient and thus increase battery performance. SLCD is the latest in LCD technology and offers an enhanced viewing experience.

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