Apple Will Launch Its Over-Ear Headphones in 2019

The only market where Apple has yet to make an impression is the headphones business where companies like Bose, Sony and Sennheiser are dominating since several years. The California tech giant is already working on the over-ear headphones and reports suggest that it will be likely launched in the second half of this year. Apple already owns Beats, which it took over back in 2014, thus giving the company an edge to be coming with it’s own set of wearable technology. Read More

Microsoft Unveils Noise-Cancelling Surface Headphones

Microsoft announced a range of new products yesterday including the Surface Pro, Laptop, and Studio devices. But the company was not done there as there was one more surprise remaining for the crowd. They launched the new Surface headphones, which is a completely new territory for Microsoft as they venture into the headphone market with these noise-cancelling headphones. Read More

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