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YouTube Capture App From Google – Capture Life’s Moments And Upload on YouTube

YouTube CaptureGoogle’s been hard at work to build some amazing Apps for iOS. This time, Google has unveiled the YouTube Capture App for iOS that allows you to capture life’s precious moments right from your iPhone and upload it on YouTube and share it via multiple social networks from right within the App. Read More

Google’s Brilliant Twitter Marketing for Google Maps for iOS

Google Maps iOSEvery developer knows that it is extremely hard to market an App in this crowded App ecosystem. Well, Google released Google Maps for iOS yesterday and they used the power of their massive following on Twitter to spread the word about their latest creation. Our favorite is the one sent out via @gmail. Funny. Read More

Google Maps iPhone App Coming Tonight

Google Maps and Apple MapsIt is being reported that the much awaited Google Maps App for the iPhone will be released tonight. AllThingsD reports that the Google is set to release the iOS Google Maps App tonight on the App Store. Read More

In Exclusive Interview, Larry Page Talks About Apple, Android, Search and More

Larry PageIn an exclusive interview to Fortune, Larry Page revealed the direction in which Google is heading, competition with Apple, big bet on Google Plus, Google X and lots more. Read More

Fake Apps from Apple Appear On Google Play Network

Apple Apps on Google PlaySome fake Apps developed by “Apple Inc.” have appeared on the Google Play network. As Steve Jobs once said in response to having iTunes on Windows “It’s like giving a glass of ice water to somebody who is in hell.” Read More

Google Maps for iOS Screenshot Leaked

Google Maps leaked iOSA new leaked screenshot shows what could be the upcoming Google Maps App for iOS devices. The interface does not look as neat as the previous Maps App, but the data that Google holds is certainly extremely valuable. Google also confirmed earlier that they have not yet submitted the App to the Apple App Store, but it is under development. Google probably wants to let users hate Apple Maps as much as they can and then finally come up with a version that works. Read More

5 Best Maps App Alternatives to Apple Maps for iPhone

Now that it is official that Apple Maps suck, we present the top 5 alternatives to Apple Maps that will help you find your way to your next destination instead of getting you lost. Google is working on a Maps App for iOS which is rumored to be available later this year, till then these nifty Apps already available for iOS should turn out to be extremely helpful for you. It is a good time to be a Maps App developer, for sure! Read More

Google Turns 14

Google is today celebrating its 14th birthday. A new doodle has been made live on the site. The search engine giant was founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin while both attended Stanford University. Happy 14th birthday, Google. Read More

Google Earth and Google Maps Will Be In One App for iOS

It is evident that Google is working on a Maps App for iOS devices. After Apple decided to remove Google Maps from iOS, and Apple Maps turned out to be horrible, Google’s stock pushed up higher and the folks at Google are now working very hard to make sure that a Maps App that uses data from Google is made available to the masses. Read More

Google’s Native Maps App Now Awaiting Apple’s Approval

Google Maps vs Apple MapsWe know it, Apple’s Maps App is absolutely crappy. The data engine just does not stand up to the expectations of users and when compared to Google’s Maps App which has been gathering data for a long time now, it is nowhere close. 9to5Mac now reports that Google’s native Maps App for iOS has already been submitted and that it is pending approval from the Apple App Store team. Read More