If You Set This Image As Your Wallpaper, Your Android Phone Will Get Bricked

Wallpaper-GoogleAs per the latest news, there is a particular wallpaper doing rounds that actually has a setting which can soft-brick your phone. The issue persisted because of the colour-coding of the image, which exceeded the bounds of what Google Android 10 phones could handle. The image also could to an entire crash in your device which will make it non-usable in the future. Read More

Google Rejects Australia’s Payment Demands

Google- AustraliaGoogle has dismissed requests it pay countless dollars every year in pay to Australian news media under an administration forced income-sharing arrangement. The organization’s top official in Australia said the Tech-Giant made scarcely Aus$10 million every year from news-connected promotions. In an exertion being firmly viewed far and wide, Australia is set to disclose plans to drive significant Internet firms to share promoting income they acquire from news highlighted in their administrations. Read More

Google Deleted Negative TikTok Reviews : Here’s Why

TikTok-GoogleRunning down the memory lane, a few weeks back we were readings news about people bashing TikTok with negative views and giving the Chinese-based Application 1- Star. The rating for the Application had reached as low as 1.2 -Stars and there seemed to way out of it. And then Google intervened and took their ratings back to square one. So that’s what it is, history, because  TikTok is back to its rating with 4.4 Stars on Google Play Store. Read More

Remove China Apps Ranks Second On Google Play

RCA-Google-PlayThe Remove China Apps on Google Play has immediately turned into a web sensation among Android cell phone clients in India. It professes to expel applications made by Chinese organizations from your mobiles and has a basic interface. You download the application, click check now and it gives you a rundown of applications on your smartphone that originate from Chinese organizations, which incorporates names like TikTok, ShareIt, CamScanner amongst many others. Read More

Google Believes In Racial Equality,Pichai Says “You Are Not Alone..”

Google-PichaiOn Sunday, Google and YouTube as a mark of respect have put up a black ribbon showing harmony for protests against the death of George Floyd, an unarmed black man, in police custody. Google with a message on their home page also stated that they are in support of racial equality and justice. The same message was also seen on the US home page of Google-owned YouTube.

Read More

Google Launches A New App That Aims To Maintain Social Distancing

google_sodar_Everyone is trying to contribute in bits and pieces to improve the current situation and so is Google. Google has come up with a brand new Mobile Application that will help people maintain physical distance and in turn maintain social distancing. This application uses Augmented Reality to ensure social distancing. The App is still in its experimental stage and is not yet available on Google play as of now. The Application named Sodar can be downloaded separately from chrome. Read More

Google Postpones Android 11 Launch Due To COVID-19


As per previous reports, Google was going to initiate its Android 11 launch which was dated on June 3rd through an online event in wake of the current pandemic situation. As there has been not much of a movement in the country and the situation still remains the same, Google has decided to postpone the Android 11 release and had postponed the beta release too. Speaking in their own words, the Tech-Giant believes that this is not the time to celebrate. Read More

Google Removes MobiKwik From Google Play Store, Puts It Back Again

MobiKwik-Removed-From-Google-Play-StoreAs per recent news, Google has removed MobiKwik from Google Play Store. This is because MobiKwik had violated the Ad policy of Google Play Store. Bipin Preet Singh who is the CEO and Co-Founder of the MobiKwik App stated that the reason behind this was because the application has the link to Aarogya Setu App. The Co-Founder in an interview also stated that they had received a warning from Google for promoting Aarogya Setu but when confronted by MobiKwik, Google stated it to be a mistake. Read More

Google Contemplates To Take Over 5% Stake In Vodafone Idea

vodafone-and-google-The tech-giant Google has been looking around options to acquire a 5% stake in Vodafone Idea which has been in burdened under debt and owes a whopping amount of more than Rs 54000 crores to the government. As per the source, it has been stated that this investment would actually be a win-win situation for both the parties, as Vodafone  Idea needs this favour so to say more than ever now and also Google gets a cheap entry into the telecommunication market. Read More

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