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Google Launches “Google Tips” Website For Help With Consumer Products


Today, Google launched its brand new site called “Google Tips,” which will provide you with helpful information about Google products, all presented in neat and minimalistic cards. Each card contains a different topic, and can be turned over to reveal further details, or can be shared to your social networks. Read More

Google Went Down, And People Went Crazy

Google DowntimeGoogle went down today for 5 minutes, and for a website like Google, that’s a lot of downtime. Between 23:52 and 23:57 BST according to Search Engine Land, Google was down and not accessible. Not only Google, but other Google services like YouTube, Gmail, Blogger and more were also experiencing issues. Read More

Google Will Provide Wi-Fi At All US Starbucks

starbucksGoogle has today announced that it will be providing Wi-Fi at all 7,000 Starbucks locations in the US. Google will be providing a much better Wi-Fi connectivity at Starbucks with speeds upto 10x than the current one and in places where Google Fiber is working, the speed will be 100x. Read More

Google+ Photos App For Chromebooks Could Be Soon Coming To The Mac

googlephotosThe Google+ Photos App is available for Chromebook Pixel. Back during launch, Google announced that the App would also be making its way to other Chrome based devices, but today, according to a post by the Google Operating System blog, it seems that Google is also planning to launch the App for Mac and Windows. Read More

Google Launches Unified Messaging App for iOS, Android and Chrome

hangoutsAt Google I/O today, Google launched a new unified messaging App for iOS, Android and Chrome dubbed “Hangouts”. Hangouts is now a standalone application instead of simply being a feature of Google+ and as Google describes it – “conversations which last” and “with people that you love.” Just like any other messaging App, you will find all your friends with whom you can chat, share photos, emoji and voice calls for free. Read More

Google Reader Shuts Down, Sparks 50,000+ Strong Petition

googlereaderGoogle recently announced that they will be shutting down the popular RSS service – Google Reader. Effective from July 1st, 2013, Google will no longer be supporting Google Reader and its API won’t be functioning as desired. Most of the popular RSS services like Reeder and Feedly that thrive on the Google Reader API have been going bonkers regarding the news. Some even plan to release their own type of Google Reader service. Read More

Google’s Wireless Charger for Nexus 4 Now Available for $59.99

wireless chargerGoogle’s inspirational wireless Nexus 4 charger is now available via Google Play for $59.99. Google expects to begin shipping orders in less than a week. It looks like half of a ball. The design appears to be quite sleek at first glance. The charger weighs just 130g and has a charging time of approximately 4 hours. Read More

Google Is Copying iTunes

googleitunesAlthough Google has been accused of copying the design and style of Apple products a lot of times (consider Android), today The Loop posted some stunning pictures that clearly indicate the way in which Google is ripping off the iTunes music design and using it in their Google search results. Read More

Google Announces $14.4B Revenue and $2.89B Profit in Q4 2012

Google Q4 2012For Q4 2012, Google announced today that the company made $14.4 billion revenue and a $2.89B profit. A $14.4 billion revenue is 36% better compared to last year. Only $5.99 billion of the total $14.4 billion revenue came in from the US while the rest was international business. Read More

Google Coordinate for iOS – Workforce Management Tool

coordinateGoogle has released another new mobile App for iOS. Google Coordinate is a workforce management tool for businesses and requires a valid Google Coordinate license for the App to work. The App design looks absolutely stunning. Read More