Google Translate To Provide Real Time Translations With Transcribe Feature

Google plans to add a live transcription feature to the latest Google Translate update. This feature allows users to record audio in one language and have it rendered to another language in real-time. Google gave a demonstration of this technology along with a series of other artificial intelligence demos at its San Francisco office.

The service is still in its testing stage as Google says there are many more developments to be made regarding this concept. Google says that to access this feature, users will likely need an internet connection. This is due to the real-time nature of the translation process that, Google claims to be, much more complex in nature as compared to simply translating written text from one language to another. Read More

Google Translate Now Supports Seven Indian Languages

Google Translate has helped many to overcome the language barrier, especially while travelling. The good news is now it has added offline and camera translation for seven Indian languages which are Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, and Urdu. So the travellers making a trip across the Indian cities can stay worry free and translate with ease. Read More

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