Google Engineers Seek Help From gPad to Answer Questions About Work-Life Balance [VIDEO]

The lifeatgoogle YouTube channel uploaded a new video in which two Google engineers answer some questions about work-life balance at Google. Fitz and Ben from Google Chicago answered the question in a witty and interesting manner. To view the questions, they took help from their gPad. Whoa! A gPad? Nothing to get excited about. It was just another joke from these humorous Google guys and a response to Apple’s iPad.

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Google Tablet in the Making

The Wall Street Journal has confirmed that Google is working along with Verizon to build a new Tablet. Of course, this is not new, but a sure shot confirmation. Google had to respond to Apple and so they are doing.

What really matters is whether the Google tablet will be able to compete with the iPad or not? iPad is currently the tablet king and shortly would be rivaled by Google and other few companies.

What do you feel? Would Google emerge stronger than Apple or not? Do let us know in the comments section below.

Would the Google tablet be able to compete with the iPad?

iPad, the center of media attention and idolized by journalists, accepted by early adopters and even the common folks, has proven to be a milestone in Apple’s History. It is a device that would continue to be the unrivaled king of Tablet Bog.

Thousands of features set it apart from other tablets like the App Store, Huge Screen with IPS Technology, Multi-touch etc. A lot of companies including Microsoft, Sony and even Nokia are giving their best shot to create a tablet which would be royally known as the “iPad Killer”.


Google Tablet could be named gTablet

With every passing day the rumors about the Google Tablet keep getting better. Google even released a few pictures showing how Chrome OS would look on a tablet which possibly gave a sneak peek at the Google Tablet.

The naming thing with Google has always been simple, clean and to the point as it’s search engine. For example mail is just Gmail . The two things which Google does while naming is either put a “g” in front of it or simply call it the “Google Product” . ( Except the Nexus One)

We are guessing that the name for the Google Tablet is going to be gtablet or simply Google Tablet.
Even gslate looks promising but we all are pretty much sure that Google wouldn’t pick pad for this after the revolts against the iPad.