You Can Now Book Hotels and Flights Directly From Google Search

If you are planning your next trip, it might have just got easier to book your hotel and flights simply from Google search results. Google is making it easier for people to make trip planning simpler on smartphones.

With this new change, users can scroll through search results for hotels that include photos, and swipe through those photos without having to leave the list of results. You can also set the filters for date and pricing on the results page making it convenient to book hotels directly through Google. Read More

Google Search for iOS Updated, Voice Search is Now Interactive


Google has just released a new version of the Google Search App for iOS, updating it to version 4.0.0. The major change in this update is that Google Search has just got more interactive. Once you start the voice search with a simple ‘Ok, Google’, and ask something like ‘What’s the weather like today?’, you can actually follow up with a query like ‘what about tomorrow?’, and Google Search will understand that you are once again asking about the weather, without you having to repeat yourself. Read More

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