Google Photos Removes Disabling for Mobile Data Video Backups

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For a long time, Google Photos has been offering the option for users to upload their photos and videos over mobile data. In order to prevent overconsumption of data, it also offers the option to backup videos over Wi-Fi only. For countries where the availability of Wi-Fi is not always assured, instead of this, there exists an option to set a limit to the amount of data consumed daily. Google now appears to have accidentally rolled out this setting globally for all Android users.

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Google Photos Releases “Best of 2021” Memories Collection for its Users

Google Photos users who have been keeping their photos on the app will soon get to see their annual Memories compilation (if they have not already seen it), titled “Best of 2021”, according to a 9to5Google report. The images selected to be shown in the “Best of 2021” presentation will be compiled by the AI which will select images, starting from January 2021, that it deems to be special and worth considering. The images will pop up on the screen as the Google Photos app loads.

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Google Photos’ “Locked Folder” Feature being Rolled-out to Non-Pixel Devices

In exciting news for non-pixel users, the “Locked Folder” feature in Google Photos will no longer be exclusive to Pixel devices only. The “Locked Folder” feature provides added privacy by allowing users to hide their private or sensitive photos from their gallery. Initially, the feature was available only for Pixel users. However, Google is now opening up the “Locked Folder” feature to non-Pixel devices as well. So, Android devices like Oppo, Samsung, OnePlus, Xiaomi, etc. will also be able to support this feature. Latest reports suggest that Samsung and OnePlus devices have already started providing this feature on their smartphones.

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Date And Time Of Your Media Can Now Be Changed Through Google Photos App

Google has brought in a new update to its Google Photos mobile app for Android and iOS. Through this update, the users can edit the media’s time and date directly from the app. For this, you need to open the app and swipe up on any image or video. After doing this you will see a marker in the right corner which means that you can now edit the date and time.

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New Locked Folder Feature For Google Photos

At the Google I/O conference that took place last month, several features were announced for Google Photos. A locked folder feature for Google Photos has been launched. Using this feature, one can hide secret pictures and protect the folder by a password or fingerprint. This feature is first launching for some Google Pixel. This feature is a part of the Pixel Drop feature that has come up last week. This feature will be available to the users in their library.

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Google Photos To Get A New Video Editor

Google has finally launched a good video editor on Google Photos for Android. This launch was first made for iOS in February this year and now Android is also going to have this feature. Previously in the video editor of Google Photos, you could just trim, rotate and stabilize your videos. After the new update, along with all the above features, you will also be able to crop the frame, export individual frames, change perspective and add filters.

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Here’s What The New Google Photos Update Will Contain

Google Photos has seen several major updates for some time now. There have been updates where the users have got an Explore page as well as a Favourites option in Library which wasn’t available earlier. Another feature that has been included in recent updates has been the ability to show high-quality photos in a bad light. Recent reports suggest that Google is in talks to release a big update to the app soon. Read More

Google Photos Gets An Elegant New Design With A More Organized Layout

Photos are a powerful medium to capture memories and Smartphones have made it easier to preserve these moments. Google created Google Photos to organize thousands of photos into albums. On its fifth year anniversary, Google Photos is getting a fresh new look with a more simpler interface. The ‘Pinwheel’ logo is also getting a more sleeker and refined look. The App will now have a three-tab layout replacing the previous four-tab layout, that can be spotted at the bottom of the screen. The tabs are – Photos, Search and Library. Read More