Google Reportedly Working On Its Own Smart Debit Card

After having immense success with Google Pay, Google seems to have been reportedly working on a smart debit card that could potentially leverage its prosperity in the financial field. It can be fair to say that Google also plans to join the ranks of Apple and Huawei, who have launched their own physical payments card as well. The Google smart debit card allows users to make transactions through the physical card or through a virtual portal which is most likely going to be Google Pay. Read More

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Google Pay Is Adding A New Feature To Gift Gold

Google is testing a new functionality on the Google Pay App where the person can send gold as a gift to their near and dear ones. This comes after Google had added the gold buying and selling option back in April for all the Google Pay users. The gold gifting features is now available in the v48.0.001_RC03 version of the App, which is not yet live and is currently only in the development stages. Read More

Top 5 Features Of Google Pay

Digitized payments are revolutionizing the way payments are made online and it is giving people an upper-hand in sending or receiving money without wasting any time. Among these Apps, Google Pay is fantastic and includes really unique features that may not be available on other payment Apps. Whether you need to pay your bills or just want to help out a friend, Google Pay is your best companion. Here’s our list of the five best features of Google Pay: Read More

Google Is Building Rewards Platform On Google Pay For App Developers

Good news for App developers as Google will be launching a new platform on Google Pay where they can use this new tool to increase the user engagement on Apps. This new initiative is named as “Project Cruiser” and according to the company, it has been under development since a year and is a part of Google’s Next Billion Users team. Read More