Google Now Adds New Notification

‘Google Now’ is one of Google’s most ambitious evolution. It works on the principle of predicting what you’ll want or need to know even before you know you need or want it, and serve it up in an easy-to-read format. The ever-expanding list of what ‘Google Now’ can do for you has frequent new additions. It’ll show you upcoming appointments, tell you when you need to leave to get to that appointment based on your current location, route, traffic and more. It’ll remind you of friends’ birthdays, stock quotes, weather information, news on topics you recently searched for, sports scores and much more. Recently there’s been another addition. Read More

Eric Schmidt Says Apple Is Blocking Google Now for iOS, While Apple Says That Google Hasn’t Even Submitted It

googlenowIn an interview today, Eric Schmidt mentioned that Google Now for iOS was not in Google’s hands anymore. He stated that the App has been submitted to the App Store and is waiting for Apple’s approval. Rumors then began to flow that Apple is on purpose blocking the App from being publicly available on the App Store. When the rumors started to grow, Apple released a comment via CNet saying that Google has not even submitted any such application (Google Now) for the reviewal process. Read More

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