Google Maps Blocks 100M Abusive Edits in 2021 with Machine Learning

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Image Source: WikiMedia Commons

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning would appear to be the future of moderating toxic online activity if we consider tech giant Google’s latest move. Artificial Intelligence or AI allows computers to learn about their environment by poring over data patterns. In 2021, under tech giant Google, machine learning played a significant role in policing abusive behavior on Google Maps.

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Google Maps Begins Testing ‘Dock to Bottom’ Feature on Desktop

Google Maps has recently been testing a new feature called “Dock to bottom” on desktop. The feature seems to work in a manner similar to the favorites bar for a user’s most visited locations. This feature was first noticed by Search Engine Roundtable. As of this moment, it appears that Google is currently in the process of testing a new “Dock to bottom” toggle which will appear next to a location card. Google is also said to be adding a tiny docked icon in the map view for quick access by users. This feature will be especially useful when looking at multiple locations or during the planning of trips, as users will no longer need to run a search for a commonly accessed destination.

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Google Brings Fuel Efficient Routing Model In Google Maps

Google has been introducing back-to-back features on its apps. This time around Google Maps is getting new features that will allow users to make environmentally friendly choices while traveling. The new update to Google Maps is the eco-friendly routing which will show the users the most fuel-efficient route plus the fastest route. This will allow the users to choose the route that is best for them. Google announced this feature through a blog post wherein they said that the new routing model will not only get the users to the destination as soon as possible but will also optimize for lower fuel consumption. Also, it will show the relative difference in fuel savings and the estimated time of arrival (ETA) to the users. Now if the ETA for the fastest and most fuel-efficient route is the same then Google Maps will go for the latter to reduce carbon emissions.

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Navigation Voice Of Google Maps Is Changing To An Indian Accent Randomly

A new surprising event taking place in Google Maps these days is the random turning of Google Maps navigation voice into an Indian accent for some users. The transition from the default voice to the Indian accent takes place at random. For some users, the changed voice stays for a small-time while for some it stays for a longer duration and even throughout the journey. Google has considered this and has started working on a fix for this.

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Buses In Delhi Can Now Be Tracked Through Google Maps

Google Maps has brought in a new feature for the lakh of daily bus passengers of Delhi. Now, the people of Delhi will be receiving real-time bus information in Google Maps. For this to happen, Google has partnered up with Delhi Transport Ministry, Delhi Integrated Multi-Modal Transit System (DIMTS), IIIT Delhi, and Lepton Software. Through this collaboration, Google Maps will be able to provide real-time information about the arrival times of buses for Delhi on Google Maps.

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Google Maps To Get An Insights Tool

A new tool is available for Google Maps. This is an Insights tool and this will be keeping track of a user’s movement over a span of time. In this tool, a user’s movement on a month-to-month basis and as per the modes of transport used will be seen. Also, this tool will help the users keep a record of the places they have visited. The Insights tool is already available to some users and it will be available to others soon.

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