Google Claims That Lens Can Now Recognise More Than 1 Billion Items

It has not been a long time since Google introduced Lens on Assistant and Photos Apps on Android devices. Its been only a year since it’s launch in October 2017 and the company says that it can readily identify more than 1 billion objects in this world. This is incredible considering the advancements Google is making with it’s AI and machine learning technology to keep the Lens App updated with most of the surrounding items. Read More

iOS Users Can Now Make Use Of Google Lens On The Google App

Google Lens has been around on Android since a long time now, where the users can make use of their camera to visually search information for any object. The feature was also introduced in iOS earlier this year via Google Photos App, where a clicked picture could be used to search for information from Google Lens. Now, the company has added the Lens feature directly on the Google Search App for iOS alongside the voice search, making it easier for everyone. Read More