What You See On Web Is Not Always True – Google Adds Fact Check Image Labels

The internet holds the power to make anything and everything viral. We all have, at least once, believed in a viral picture which later turned out to be fake. To help users make a rational judgement of what they see on the web, Google is now adding fact-check labels under the thumbnail image results that people search. The system is similar to the fact-check information panel introduced to YouTube in US, Brazil and India, and is also highlighted in Google News and general search results.

The labels will be based on the ClaimReview database, established by independent fact-checkers, used by publishers to indicate factually correct content on search results. These labels appear on results that come from authentic sources that meets Google’s criteria. When the user clicks on one of these results to preview the image in a larger format, they will be able to see a summary of the fact check. Read More

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Google Images Gets An Updated Interface

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Google is making new changes wherein it has completely revamped how the Google Images section looks. If you check out the Images tab on Google Search now, it looks different than how it was a few days back. You will now be shown the selected image on the right side of your screen while you can continue scrolling through the images on the search result page. Read More