Google Glass XE 18.1 Update Adds FIFA World Cup Support

I have followed Google Glass since around the time the device was beta tested by developers. I thought back then that the device was just a rich man’s toy because it was ridiculously expensive and it would have been more or less useless without a Wi-Fi internet connection. However, it seems that the Google team working on Glass has been hard at work. The device has evolved from a really expensive toy to an actually useful gadget with the release of Google Glass XE 18.1 update due to be released soon. Read More

Google Glass Kernel Now Available for Download

Google GlassThe much anticipated hi-tech futuristic hardware Google Glass is on its way. The blog Karthik’s Geek Center noted last Saturday that a Google Glass kernel source code is already available for download. According to a note on the download page, the Google Glass Kernel source code will be relocated adjacent to other Google Android kernel source releases from its current location at google code. Read More

Google Glass Has Been Jailbroken

Google GlassGoogle released a developer’s version of Google Glass to App developers last week (it is set to be released to the public some time in 2014), and just a few days later the device has already been hacked. Well-known “jailbreaker” Jay Freeman who has the nickname “Saurik” in the hacker circles announced via a Twitter post last Friday that he has hacked his device. Jailbreaking is a term used by hackers to describe hacking into the root software of the device and modifying it to circumvent most manufacturer restrictions. Read More