WhatsApp Backup on Google Drive May Get Limited Storage in Future

WhatsApp icon in the background, shadow of a hand holding a smartphone in the foreground. WhatsApp Backup on Google Drive to have limited storage allocation.

According to certain reports, WhatsApp backup on Google Drive might stop getting unlimited storage. As of right now, WhatsApp backup gets unlimited storage space when backing up onto Google Drive. According to sources, there will be a limit to the amount of backup storage space available for Android devices. Currently, users of WhatsApp iOS app already have a limited storage space. Users on iPhone devices can only store a limited amount of space for backup storage on iCloud. However, Google Drive provides Android users an unlimited storage to keep their chat backups. Speculations suggest that WhatsApp will introduce certain changes in order to help Android users manage their backup size.

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Google Now Brings Drive For Desktop To Sync Files Across Devices

Google has brought in a new set of features. Google has now introduced Drive for desktop (Windows, macOS). This includes a unified tool that allows the users to synchronize their content through all their devices and the cloud easily. Google has announced that in the upcoming weeks, Backup and Sync users will find prompts that will ask them to transition to Drive for desktop. Google also said they recommended the transition by September 2021.

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Google Drive Gets The Splash Screen Feature On Android 12

A special feature of Android 12 is that its apps show a splash screen upon launch. Splash Screen is a type of launch animation wherein the entire display of the phone is filled for a few seconds till the App loads. The first Google app to support this feature on Android 12 is Google Drive. Each app on Android 12 has a launch animation. This makes the app opening process fun and innovative. On tapping the app icon, it expands out from its place on the phone and covers the whole screen.  When the app opens after some time, the users are welcomed with a splash screen that includes the app icon.

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Google Services – Including Gmail, Drive, Docs – Get Temporarily Disrupted Worldwide

According to Google’s G Suite Status Dashboard, many of its services including Gmail, Drive, Docs, Meet, Chats, Groups, Keep, and Voice got disrupted this Thursday morning. Google has assured that the issues have been fixed. Its dashboard has also been updated to show that everything is now fully functional.  Read MoreReviewsCollect Ad

Google Drive Screenshot Leaked

Google DriveRumors say that Google will soon launch a new service dubbed Google Drive. The service will be somewhat like Dropbox and will help you store your files in the cloud and access them from anywhere. TalkAndroid now has a new screenshot that gives us a glimpse of how the new webpage for the Google Drive will look like and it also reveals that Google will be offering upto a massive 5GB of free storage space for new users. Read More