Google Encourages People To Get Vaccinated Via A Doodle

Google on Tuesday encouraged people to get vaccinated, save lives and wear masks during the coronavirus pandemic via a doodle.

This doodle shows each letter of the word ‘GOOGLE’ wearing a mask. The last ‘E’ is a healthcare person who inoculates the others. Once all the letters get their vaccine shot, they raise their arms motivating everyone to get their dose.  Everyone celebrates after getting their jab.

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Google Sets The Mood Of UEFA Euro 2020 Through Its Doodle

The UEFA European Football Championship is all set to kick off tomorrow. Google has set the mood for this via its Doodle on Friday the doodle that is appearing on Google’s website shows a stadium, a football, a referee’s whistle, and buildings in the background. The tournament will be taking place in 11 cities in the 11 UEFA countries. The tournament was scheduled to occur from June 12 to July 12, 2020. However, due to the ongoing pandemic, it got delayed by a year and is starting from 12 June 2021. The name is still “UEFA Euro 2020” though.

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