You Can Now Start Group Chat With Attendees From Google Calendar Events

Google is adding more and more features to its apps every day. Now Google has added a new button to Google Calendar event on the phones and the web. Clicking on that button will allow the users to immediately open a chat with meeting attendees. Earlier this year, Google had launched its renamed version of Hangouts Chats for the users. Also, it kept adding more and more features to its video chatting platform-Google Meet.

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Missing Alarm Issue Of Google Clock App Fixed

It’s been almost a week since users have been complaining about the missing alarms on the Clock app on their Android mobile phones. Finally, the problem has been solved by issuing an update. On Reddit, a Google representative has confirmed that the Google Clock triggering alarm has been repaired and from now onwards the users will not have to face any issue regarding this.

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New RSVP Options For Google Calendar

A new option in the RSVP menu of Google Calendar has been introduced. This option will show the users whether they have to attend a meeting virtually or in person. It will be seen beside the option that indicates if the recipient will be present physically for the meeting. According to Google the reason for this change is, it will make the Google Calendar more useful for users in the hybrid workplace model. Just last month, a better hand-raising feature was introduced in Google Meet so that users could better view and acknowledge raised hands. Also, through this, the commotion going on in online meetings could be reduced to a great extent.

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