Now Get All The Relevant Info From Gmail On The Google Pay App

Google is making things easier for the millions of Gmail users by integrating this service into its other utility Apps. Google Pay is the recent App that has added a separate Gmail tab into the user’s account. This means that the Google Pay user will be able to check all the relevant information such as tickets, boarding passes, coupons, loyalty cards from their Gmail within the App itself. Read More

Gmail Includes Email Scheduling And Smart Compose Features On 15th Birthday

Gmail has turned 15 today and it continues to be a major force in how people communicate and connect around the world. On this occasion, the company has added two new features for its users. One is the Smart Compose feature that will help you compose the emails if you are stuck and the other is the Email Scheduling feature that is very useful if you don’t want to send the mails immediately. Read More

Gmail Will Be Getting New Features From Inbox

Google will be shutting down their Inbox App soon, but the company will be using this platform to research and develop new features for the Gmail App. We could also see more of the Inbox features getting transferred to Gmail in the coming months, which will be useful for the users who earlier used the Inbox App. The company had earlier informed the Inbox users to switch to Gmail for the time being because of the shutdown. Read More

Gmail App Gets A Design Upgrade With Material Theme, Now Available On iOS And Android

Google is rolling out a newer version of Gmail starting today, based on the Material Theme design that can be seen across few of the other Google Apps. The redesign will come with unique stylings and fonts that can be seen on the latest update of the App in iOS and Android. This comes after Google had added the new design to the Gmail website last year and had received a good response from the users. Read More