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New Update For Gmail On Android

gmailandroidThe new update for Gmail for Android has been worth waiting for. The new Gmail update lets you save the space on your disk by giving you an option to save attachments on the Google Drive. Saving on Google Drive not only saves space on your device but also makes the file available for download on any other device by logging into Google Drive. Read More

Gmail’s New Interface Leaked, Focuses On Ease of Access

New Gmail recently uncovered a complete visual overhaul of Gmail’s Web interface, being tested by Google. The images show an extremely clean and minimalistic interface, making it easier to sort, view, and shift through your emails with ease, clearly showing that the update is a balance between ease of access and precision engineering. Read More

Google’s All New Gmail Blue Is Here

Gmail BlueGoogle never fails to do something for April Fool’s Day, and this time its the all new Gmail Blue. What’s that all about? Nothing so highly fascinating, just that everything in Gmail will now be completely blue. The entire screen will be full with shades of blue when you’re on Gmail. Read More

Gmail’s New Email Compose Option Will Now Be The Default Option

Gmail New ComposeGoogle has just rolled out a new change to Gmail whereby the all new email compose option that the company introduced last October will now be the default option for all users. The new compose window opens in the bottom right corner of the screen and allows the user to multitask by not covering the entire screen. Read More

Google Pays Tribute to Steve Jobs via Gmail App on App Store

Here’s an easter egg! If you navigate to the Gmail App on the App Store, you will find that one official screenshot includes an email which discusses about the favorite “Steve Jobs Quotes”. Nice tribute to Steve Jobs. Read More

Gmail for iOS Finally Adds Support for Notification Center

After a long time, Google has finally added support for Notification Center on Gmail for iOS. The App allows users to access only Google Mail in an intuitive format and has acquired full credit for its user interface design. When released, Gmail for iOS was a complete disaster. The App was released on the App Store and then even pulled back as it did not function as advertised and contained a lot of bugs. But, Google survived the PR storm and again made it available on the App Store for iOS users. Read More

See How A Mail Travels in Google’s “Story of Send”

vYou’re gonna love this one. Have you ever imagined how a mail travels once you’ve hit the big red button that says “Send” in Gmail? In a latest story, Google explains with incredible interactivity how a mail travels such a long journey within seconds to reach the desired inbox. A lot of things happen along the way, and Google demonstrates it all in this epic “Story of Send”. Read More

Gmail Goes Down For Some Users (UPDATE)

Gmail users are currently experiencing an issue while loading Gmail, the most popular email service on the web by Google. Some users around the globe are witnessing a “Temporary Error 500″ which caused the service to become unavailable. Read More

Google Announces Gmail Tap, Kills The QWERTY Keyboard

gmail tapGoogle has just announced Gmail Tap, a brand new way for users to type using the Gmail App on their phones. Gmail Tap eliminates the use of a traditional QWERTY keyboard by just placing two keys on the display. Using the concept of Morse code which includes just a dot and a dash, Google has transformed the way users will be able to type using Gmail Tap. Read More

Gmail Official iOS App Released, And Then Pulled Back

gmail ipad appGoogle moments ago released the official native Gmail App for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad, and then just pulled it back from the App Store. The App although appeared stunning in design, it lacked basic elements like push notifications and users faced errors while logging into their accounts. Read More