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Giveaway – Instant Audio Recorder for iOS

For this giveaway section, we will be giving our readers 5 promo codes of Instant Audio Recorder for iOS. The App allows you to instantly record audio and store them for future reference. With a good looking user interface and great features, this App is a must have and a replacement for Apple’s default voice recording App on iOS. Read More

Giveaway – 4 Zepi Games Promo Codes

zepiDue to a major update that Zepi received, we have teamed up with Ostin Games to give you (our readers) a chance to win this exciting game in which you have to tap on the same color of marbles and score as many points as you can. Read More

Mega Giveaway – 15 Promo Codes of FileAngel Lite Each Worth $59.99

In this giveaway, we bring to your 15 promo codes of FileAngel Lite. FileAngel Lite for Mac is available in the Mac App Store for $59.99 and you can get it for free. So what does this App do so well for the cost? This App allows you to browse and recover your deleted files. If you accidentally deleted a music file or a picture and can’t even find it in the recycle bin, this App will help you recover it. Life saver, isn’t it? Read More

Giveaway – Connect M for iPhone

Connect M is a game in which your job is to connect two tiles of the same color to eliminate them. Get rid of all the tiles in a short period of time and you will proceed and be declared as a winner. The game is available for a fee on the App Store, but for the readers of TheAppleGoogle, the developer has been kind to offer 5 promo codes. Read More

Giveaway – Christmas Face for iOS

Christmas Face for iOS is an incredible App that allows you to capture Christmas like pictures in real time with your iOS device. The developer of the App has offered five promo codes that can be redeemed right now! Read More

We’ve Got Codes for Par-Tee for iOS

Par-Tee is an incredible game for iOS which uses Augmented Reality for its core functioning. It is basically a golf game, but instead of having predefined courses, it creates courses based on your surroundings. Enough said. The developer has been kind enough to provide the readers of TheAppleGoogle 10 promo codes so you can get the App for free. They are published below, get em as soon as you can. Read More

Snappy Giveaways – ProShare for iOS

pro share

Pro Share is a bul image/video uploader for iOS devices that allows you to upload to Flickr, Facebook, Twitter, Picasa, YouTube and can even transfer pictures from one iOS device to another with Bluetooth. The developer has been kind enough to offer a few promo codes for the readers of TheAppleGoogle, yes that would be YOU! We have published the codes below, just hit the “Read More” button to get them. Read More

Snappy Giveaways – Memento Pairs Kids for iOS

snappy giveawaysIn this Snappy Giveaways section, we have two promo codes for “Memento Pairs Kids” for iOS. Memento Pairs Kids is a memory match game in which you need to unfold cards and match the two cards with the same image printed on them. The App is normally priced at $1.99, but you can get it for free. Read More

Guess the iOS App and Win

Think you know everything about Apps? Guess the App above from the screenshot, and you could win iJoysoft iPhone Transfer for Mac worth $44.96. Simply enter the name of the application in the comments section below or post it on Twitter with the tag #guesstheapp. Read More

Giveaway – iJoySoft iPhone Transfer Ultimate


iJoysoft has created an amazing application for the Mac that allows you to sync your iPhone with your computer without having to use iTunes. With iPhone Transfer Ultimate, you can sync music, photos, playlists, albums and more. You can even add comments, rate songs, edit music ID3 tag info, and support multiple iOS devices with iPhone transfer ultimate.

Read More