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KitKat Rises To 5.3% Of All Devices, Jellybean Drops To 61.4%

kitkat2According to latest data from Google, Android KitKat now runs on 5.3% of all Android tablets and phones, while Jelly Bean has had a minor drop to 61.4%. As for older versions, 14.3% are still on Ice Cream Sandwich, a measly 0.1% on Honeycomb, 13.8% on Gingerbread, and 1.1% are on good ‘ol Froyo. Read More

Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich Now on 2.9% of all Android Devices

android icsAs of today, Android’s most popular version is Android 2.3.4 (Gingerbread), with its latest version (4.0.X) still standing quite low. According to a new report and graphical representation in a pie chart, Android 2.3.X runs on around 2/3rds of ALL Android devices, with the ancient Android 2.2 running on like 25% of all Android devices. We also have the third Android release running on about 10% of devices, and the first two releases running on an extremely small number of devices.  Read More

Only 0.4% Android Devices Run on Gingerbread

gingerbread icon

According to reports, only 0.4% of the available Android devices run on Gingerbread (Android 2.3), Google latest operating system for mobile devices. Considering the number of devices that Google activates every day, that is a very low number.

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How to – Get Gingerbread Keyboard on Eclair or Froyo

gingerbread keyboard

Love the bigger and better keyboard in Gingerbread? Can’t wait till Gingerbread becomes available for your Android phone? Here’s a solution from XDA-Developers. A user has uploaded an APK of the new Gingerbread keyboard which can be used on Froyo as well as Eclair without requiring a rooted Android device.

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Motorola Droid Gets Update, Not Gingerbread

droid 2.3

After a complete Google driven day, a new update for the Motorola Droid has been pushed out. If you see an update message appear on your screen, don’t get hyper, it is not Gingerbread. It is just a minor update.

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